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Romano-British Villa

NGRef: SU8547

OSMap: LR186

Type: Villa, Pottery


  • Pilgrims Way: E (7) to Compton
  • Pilgrims Way: W (35) to East Anton (East Anton, Hampshire)
  • Pilgrims Way: E (9) to Gvildford (Surrey)

Farnham Villa

The villa at Farnham lies near the fording of the ancient Pilgrim's Way ridge-path over the upper reaches of the River Wey.

There are a number of potteries in the area, in Farnham itself (SU8546), and at Alice Holt (SU8040) and Whitmead (SU8843).

There is also a substantial Roman building to the west along the Pilgrim's Way at Crondall (SU7947), and a tile-kiln at Potbridge Farm (SU7453) with a villa nearby at Odiham (SU7352).


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