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Italia is a province of the Roman Republic. It consists of the region of: Italy.

The capital city is: Roma.

Italia is the center of the Roman Republic. Since Classical times, Greeks, Etruscans, Latins, and Phoenicians have inhabited and left their mark on Italy. The most famous of them were the tribe of Latins who later became known as the Romans. This group spread throughout Italy and throughout Europe. Conquering and assimilating their neighbors, the Roman Republic was one of the largest ancient civilizations. In the heart of this expansive empire was the capital city, Rome, which became the cultural, political, and religious center of Western civilization, rivaling Athens itself. The Roman world is still very much alive in the modern world in many ways, ranging from art styles, architecture, science, law, philosophy, government, and language.

The current governor is: Gaia Cassia Longina

Future events:

  • Foundation of Rome Parade
  • Tours of Various Sites with Members
  • Wine Tastings
  • Cooking Classes
  • Roman Dinners

Current Dates:


  • 26 : Tuscany & Wine Rite (Liber)
  • 30 : Palazzo Massimo - Roman Portraiture & Culture in the Late Roman Republic


  • 5-10: Roman & Greek Dinner with Philosophical Discussion [Plato to Seneca: "The Good Life"]
  • 17 : Tour of the Palatine & Forum
  • 24 : Roman Cooking Class in Trastevere
  • 15-20 : Night Tour of Caesar & Trajan's Forums
  • 25 : Capitoline Museum - The History of Rome


  • 23 : Food & Wine Tour of Trastevere


  • 19 : Tour of the Apartments of Nero & Aquaduct
  • 21 : Palazzo Massimo - Art as Identity in Rome / Mythology & Identity




  • 11 : Wine Tasting
  • 17 : Tour of the Underground Colosseum
  • 18 : Roman Dinner


  • 15 : Ides of March Feast & Play in the Forum
  • 17 : Liberalia Dinner
  • 20 : Possible Tour of Domus Aurea


  • Foundation of Rome Parade (usually lasts an entire weekend)