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Kal. Mart. – The Res Publica Rises After 15 months of planning and organizing the Roman Republic goes online today. This launch is a reflection of the work and dedication of dozens of Romans. The modern Roman Republic and its success is now in our hands! Apply for citizenship today at Rome was not built in a day, and the future success of this project depends on your participation and support. Together we can create the primary hub for restored Roman culture and for our worldwide national community!

Kal. Mart. – Signing of Declaration The founding Declaration of modern Rome is now being signed! Lend your signature to this landmark document. Signing closes March 2nd. Sign at:

V Non. Mart. – The Comitia Curiata is in session The Comitia Curiata is now meeting. After a ceremony the bylaws of the Roman Republic were presented, discussion is ongoing. View the meeting at:

Pr. Non. Mart. – New Bylaws unify Roman governance within a Non-Profit Organization Today during the first session of the Comitia Curiata, the bylaws of the Roman Republic were passed. This document enables responsible Roman governance within a modern non-profit corporation. This required some modern concessions; however, the document enables a Roman republican style of administration. This document also unifies many individuals with various interests and brings them together in an inclusive community of modern Romans. The Comitia Curiata continues to meet and is now discussing the procedures required to hold the first modern elections of the Res Publica.

III Id. Mart. – Successful First Comitia Curiata Meeting Closes The Comitia Curiata meeting which closed today has placed the Roman Republic on solid footings. The resolutions passed at this meeting allows others to provide assistance towards the growth of the Roman Republic. This meeting also provided the first step towards the creation of an independent Collegium Pontificum in partnership with the Roman Republic. During the meeting which ended today nearly, 100 citizens have been welcomed to the Res Publica. This stands as a testament to what is possible as nation and community when dedicated support is provided, and thoughtful tending to the Pax Deorum occurs.

Pr. Id. Mart. – Comitia Centuriata to meet March 18th The first session of the Comitia Centuriata is to meet starting March 18 until April 4. Voting to elect the Consuls, Praetors, and Censors will occur between March 26 and April 4. Citizen L. Hostilia Scaura will be presiding over the assembly. For more information click here

XIV Kal. Apr. – The First Session of the Comitia Centuriata is Electing Consuls and Praetors The Comitia Centuriata opened today. Any citizen who aspires to help chart the future course of our Res Publica is encouraged to state their intent to run for Consul or Praetor. You may also address those candidates who have already declared. In the coming weeks, the Comitia Tributa and Concilium Plebis will meet to elect additional magistrates. To declare an intent to run for office or ask questions of the candidates visit the forum.


Non. Apr. – Comitia Centuriata Elects First Consules and Praetores With XVIII centuries responding in favour, citizen Titus Flavius Severus, of tribus Scaptia and provincia Sarmatia is hereby nominated as Consul. With XV centuries responding in favour, citizen Publius Iunius Brutus, of tribus Voltinia and provincia Nova Gallia is hereby nominated as Consul. With XXI centuries responding in favour, citizen Gaius Atius Victor, of tribus Voturia and provincia Nova Lusitania is hereby nominated as Praetor Urbanus. With XVI centuries responding in favour, citizen Lucius Curtius Philo, of tribus Lemonia and provincia Nova Eboracum is hereby nominated as Praetor Peregrinus. A large majority of the electorate responded with 100% of all centuries casting a vote.