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In republican Rome of antiquity several buildings served as public archives. The state treasury (aerarium) and its associated records were kept in the Temple of Saturn off of the forum at the foot of the Capitoline hill. The Temple of Saturn also housed the official legislation passed by the senate. The tribunes also kept a separate record of all legislation passed by the senate in the Temple of Ceres. The records of all Concilium Plebis legislation (Plebiscita) were also deposited in the Temple of Ceres. The building today regarded as the tabularium, located on the western end of the forum is often regarded as a records office built in 78 BCE. However, this is disputed by modern scholars. Some believe this building was the Atrium Libertatis which was the office of the censors. Others believe that it may have held purposes associated with the minting of coins.

Here in the modern Roman Republic this page acts as the virtual equivalent of the records stored in the aerarium. These records are maintained by the praetors. The tribunes publish their own records of the senate meetings which can be found posted in the main public forum, or in the records of the Tribunes.

Official Senatorial Archives (Maintained by the Praetors)

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Budget of the Res Publica (Denarii)

Aerarium Populi Romani

For operating budget of the Roman Republic Cultural Group see the archives of the Comitia Curiata

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