New Citizenship Application

Why become a citizen?

If you identify with the Romans of antiquity or just have an interest in ancient Rome you would benefit from becoming a citizen of the Roman Republic! Our community is unique. We provide our citizens the opportunity to live as Romans and to carry on the legacy of the eternal city! What separates us from other “interest groups” or historical reenactment organizations is that we seek to incorporate Roman virtues and culture into our everyday lives, to follow the Roman way. When it comes to Roman culture we seek to go beyond reenacting and to live and breathe restored cultural practices, from the ancient Roman virtues, to art, philosophy and religion. We believe Romanitas of antiquity laid the foundation and strengths of today’s modern western culture. Because of this we seek to embrace and live the old ways as much as possible while acknowledging the modern world and progress made.

We strive to exist as much offline as we do online. As a citizen you will gain access to a multitude of resources to assist you in living as a Roman and learning about ancient Rome. Beyond mere resources you will also find an active Roman community within our republic. You will encounter many interesting people who share many of the same passions on Rome. We welcome you to join us in our adventure towards the restoration of a national community dedicated to Romanitas and ancient Roman culture!

Access to all of our resources is absolutely free. We accept donations, and ask for a voluntary annual donation called a “tax”. However, no one is excluded from our republic if they choose not to donate.

We encourage all prospective citizens to review our New Citizen Guide for more details on the benefits of citizenship.

What can I do as a citizen?

Your imagination is the limit! We reward creativity and citizen driven projects through payments of our own currency, the denarius. We also have many established resources which you will find useful:

  • Participate in discussions at the forum with others who share an interest in ancient Rome.

  • Join or create an interest group called a collegium. There you will find groups dedicated to topics such as, Roman military history, learning Latin, Roman cooking and so on. If your interest is not represented you can easily create your own group! Citizens will be eager to help you!

  • Participate in traditional festivals (ludi). These take various forms such as contests, religious ceremonies, to simulated electronic versions of the games of antiquity. The ludi are also a great excuse to join up with your local Roman citizens for a celebration!

  • Learn about and participate in the ancient Roman religion. Within the Roman Republic you will find experts on the ancient Roman religion, the cultus deorum. All religions are welcome at the Roman Republic. Yet if you are interested in learning about or following the ancient religion you will find a multitude of resources and an active community of practitioners who are happy to provide guidance.

  • Sell and buy products and skills. We have an active marketplace. If you are fluent in Latin, can teach about a topic of interest, have web design, writing skills or another talent which is in demand you can assist our community by offering your skills in the marketplace. Here macronational currencies and our own currency the denarius is exchanged.

  • You may participate in a Roman economy. Our digital currency is the denarius. Citizens who participate in Roman life and make lasting contributions are rewarded in denarii. As a citizen you can collect denarii and trade it with other citizens for assistance on your own projects, for lessons on a topic of interest, or for other services available in the marketplace. You can also join with other citizens to form private cooperative groups called societas which can offer services for trade and develop independent projects. Like in antiquity, those citizens with more denarii are given greater electoral responsibility in deciding the policies of the res publica.

  • You can seek a job within our government. The daily operations of the Roman Republic are based on the political structure of the republic of antiquity. If you are ambitious, driven, and committed to the Roman Republic you will have the opportunity to hold leadership roles, to be a local governor, a magistrate or become a senator within our republic.

  • Meet other Romans in your area. We are building a global community, local organizational chapters called provinces help organize local meetings and events. We are much more than an online community!

  • Find a global community of historical reenactors. The Roman Republic believes reenactment can teach both the reenactor and the spectator much about Roman Culture. We actively seek to build a thriving global community of reenactors and to offer support to those who have this interest.

  • Become a teacher or student. The Roman Republic is continually building an online course system open to citizens. A citizen may enroll in a course with access to instructors, readings and lectures. If you are knowledgeable in a topic pertaining to Roman history and culture you may also apply to teach and build your own course. The Roman Republic also contains its own academic journal. Citizens who are instructors or students may write articles which can be published in our journal upon peer review.

  • Partake in the arts! The Roman republic encourages and assists citizens who wish to write, record or perform poetry, stories, theatrical performances, or produce academic articles on topics which are of relevance to ancient Roman cultural exploration. We have a library containing many free original works written by the greats of antiquity and also our own encyclopedia where you may contribute articles and share your knowledge and research. This is also a great way to earn denarii!

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