Factio Russata


Salve et salvete!

Need more racing in your life? Enjoy the sweat of the track in your face? Want to lash your opponents and drive them into the spina more professionally? Do you want to join in the rowdy spectacle of cheering on your team at the Circus Maximus?

Join Factio Russata, the Red Faction! You may remember us from such great riots at the Circus Maximus and the Circus Flaminius! We need to get out on the sand and charge with all our strength! We implore members of Factio Russata to enter the races!

Are the Green, Blue or White not your thing? This is the team for you! This is the official home of Roman Republic's virtual chariot racing faction, Factio Russata - the Reds. This collegium is for Seasoned Charioteers, those new to the Circus, and Loyal Supporters of the Reds. Join us Today! All Reds Fans are welcome from any corner of the Roman Community!!!

Organization Denarii Balance