Gladiatoria Munera Registration Form

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Gladiatoria Munera Registration Form

Postby Lucius Aurelius Curio » Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:14 pm

Salvete Omnes!

The following is the registration form

Owner’s Roman Name: (Your Roman Name)
Name: (Gladiator’s name)
Sex: Male or Female
Age: (Gladiator’s age)
Gladiator type (Choose one)
• RETIARIUS – Weapon is net, trident and dagger. Defenses are manica on the arm up to shoulder
• HOPLOMACHUS – Weapons are lance & dagger. Defense is closed crest hull, circular small shield and metal shin pads
• MURMILLO – Weapon is a gladius (short sword). Defense is closed great crest hull, scutum (large rectangular shield), manica on right arm and shin pad on left leg
• THRAEX – Weapon is a sicca (curved sword). Defense is a closed hull, parmula (small quadrangular shield), manica on right arm, and metallic leg guards up to the thigh.
• SECUTOR – Weapon is a gladius. Defenses are closed smooth hull, scutum, manica on right arm, and metallic leg guards up to thighs on both legs.
• DIMACHAERUS – Two siccae or gladii (pick one). His defenses are manica on both arms, and metallic leg guards up to thighs on both legs.
Tactics type: Defensive – Spectators are less impressed
Attack – Spectators are more impressed
Balanced – Does not affect spectator opinion

Short description and backstory: Provide a short physical description of your fighter and some of their story (where are they from, their personality, and/or reason they are a slave).

Example of backstory provided by L. Curtius Philo:

Marcus Attilius
A caucasian male, 38 years old, 6 ft. 2 in., 197 lbs., blue eyes, short black hair, square face, stubble. When asked to describe him, most people say "hateful". A Roman from Sicilia, he voluntarily sold himself into slavery in order to pay off his family's debts. After seducing his owner's spouse he was sold to me for gladiator duty. It is obvious from the look in his eyes he is a regretting his past indulgences. Maybe he will find a second chance by demonstrating the best of virtus? Or maybe he will be easy fodder for a better man? I suppose we will find out what he is really made of?

Please submit all forms to or private message the application to me.


Each registrant can submit one gladiator into the Gladiatoria Munera League for free, and any additional gladiators will cost 10 denarii to be submitted to Cohors Aedilicia.

I look forward to everyone's participation.


L. Aurelius Curio
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