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Trianomina List

Postby Gaius Curtius Philo » Wed May 31, 2017 6:40 am

Salvete omnes!

I would like to ask you if you may give us a verified good list of Praenomina, Nomina and Cognomina for our organization. Given the big amount of bad nomina we are being informed of I think it is time this situation be rectified. If this list is offered we will pay the collegium in denarii for its work and I will present it to the government to ratification, so that we may remove the bad praenomina/nomina/cognomina that we might have. We would not force people to change their existing ones, but no one else would have the same option as they did (except their descendants in regards to the Nomina and Cognomina of course).

I think this is important and is overdue. Any help would be appreciated.

C. Philo
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Re: Trinomina List

Postby Lucia Horatia Adamas » Wed May 31, 2017 10:00 pm

L. Horatia Adamas C. Curtio Philoni omnibusque S.P.D.

We could do this a little at a time, and implement the list of praenomina I provided. Women would use the feminine form of the praenomen: Appia, Aula, Decima, Gaïa, Gnæa, Lucia, Mania, Mamerca, Marca, Numeria, Publia, Quinta, Servia, Spuria, Tita, Tiberia. Kaeso is the only praenomen in the third declension, and does not appear to be used by women. If it were, though, the form would be identical for both sexes. Praenomina such as Tullus, Faustus, Statius, and some others I have seen here are pre-classical / archaic. Fausta and Statia are attested for women, as are some others, but these should be available solely by request, and justification for this choice provided.

I can refer you privately to a list of verified nomina and acceptable cognomina, but it is impossible to produce an exhaustive list of these (especially of cognomina). One has to have the latter at least individually approved by a censor unless it appears on some approved list. As I mentioned in my post, cognomina were very rarely complimentary (Clodius Pulcher is an exception, 'Handsome Claudius'), and typically referred to a physical trait some ancestor of the clan possessed; 'Cicero' means 'chickpea / garbanzo bean,' and some surmise that a distant ancestor of our Tully had a wart in that shape. Another source of cognomina comes from zoology; the names of animals were also used in this capacity. The names of occupations may also be used, at least in modern Roman-based societies, as may geographical terms derived from someone's birthplace or the like, provided that that person no longer lives in that place.

Supposedly I am a censorial assistant, but am not on any list where I can approve or disapprove of suggested names, or even comment on them. It might be helpful if I were… Also beneficial would be access to the current approved list.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not feeling well due to having been switched from a medication with no side effects to one with many very obnoxious ones; I have a nasty headache, inter alia, and really can't improve on Latin texts or do research until this situation is rectified. Have to see the PA next week; perhaps they will put me back on the better medication then.

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Re: Trinomina List

Postby Gaius Florius Lupus » Sat Jun 03, 2017 7:40 pm

Salve Horatia!
You once mentioned a book or academical work with a list of female praenomina. Apparently the rules were more relaxed for women and nicknames were common. Apart from the feminine form of the male praenomina, what other names were used for women?
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Re: Trinomina List

Postby Lucia Horatia Adamas » Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:48 pm

L. Horatia Adamas C. Florio Lupo omnibusque S.P.D.

Raptim, nam exire, et mox, debeo…

The book in question is Roman Female Praenomina, by Mika Kajava (1994). I don't happen to have a copy of this work, and doubt that it is available locally, so I cannot provide a full complement of such names. However, I recall that both Fausta and Statia were in use as female praenomina, as were some others, and strongly suspect that the equivalents of the male ones (except for Caeso) were employed as well. I may be able to access the Yahoo list for our nomenclature research later, but cannot do so at present. I should have been out the door…

Title should be 'trianomina list'… Don't know how to change that.

Vale, et valete!
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