Convocation of the Collegium

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Re: Convocation of the Collegium

Postby Gaius Curtius Philo » Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:29 pm

Salvete omnes!

Praetor Celsus is assuming the responsibility of changing bylaws for now, until we have new elections to fill in the vacant seats. This year has been a turbulent one :/

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Re: Convocation of the Collegium

Postby Lucia Horatia Adamas » Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:10 am

L. Horatia Adamas L. Livio Senecæ omnibusque S.P.D.

Here it is summer (a permanent condition in Kenya--and most of the rest of Africa, but for us, a brief respite from snow), and some people are away on vacations. School is out, and vacations are in, so it may be that the ædiles are away or ill or injured. Thus I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the absence of a response at present. However, it is quite true that many people love to accumulate titles, but are much more averse to performing any of the work presupposed by said titles. This happens in all organizations, and has been a perpetual curse thereof. There is nothing new about this; it happened when I was on my high school yearbook staff, and it wasn't new then. Give it a couple of weeks, but if there is no response, we may have to take matters to a higher level.

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