CONVOCATION: Aurelian Translation

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CONVOCATION: Aurelian Translation

Postby Lucius Livius Seneca » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:15 pm

L. Livius mag. omnibus sociis s.p.d.

A.d. VIII Id. Sept. (Spet. 6th), T. Aurelius Apollinaris, curule aedile and decurio Aureliorum, requested that our Collegium Latinum translate the bylaws of the Aurelian Assembly into Latin. He has requested a quote from anyone interested in taking on this task so that they might be appropriately remunerated.

The Aurelii have been quite patient in waiting for our convocation to discuss their request. Is there anyone who would like to take on this project, either as a private commission, or a group effort?

Lucius Livius Seneca

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