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PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:20 am
by Titus Flavius Severus
Salve et salvete,

Quadratus, you had an initiative start, after a while, to me, as well as others citizens it is interesting, how are you and things in Provincia Mississippia Borealis, whether you could realize the planned plans, what goals were outlined in the future? Maybe you need some kind of help?


PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:10 am
by Publius Sallustius Quadratus
Salve Consul!

I have been admittedly somewhat inactive in the forum lately. I still try to check in from time to time. As the Saturnalia approaches and my thoughts turn more to the year ahead, I contemplate the future of Provincia Mississippia Borealis within the Roman Republic and my future here as well.

I have served as Procurator for over a year now and must admit that I have not been as successful as I had once hoped in promoting and organizing my province and its citizens. I have offered my services to all citizens of the province and have received some positive feedback from some citizens but its not always easy to reach everyone and not everyone wants to respond. That is understandable as the Res Publica Romana is still effectively in its infant stages as an organization. As our noble Roman community grows and we continue to add citizens to our registry, those citizens bring with them their own ideas and interpretations of what it is to be Roman today and how we can build the ideal Roman community in the modern world. I cherish the contributions of every citizen of the Res Publica Romana, as well as many of those who identify with Rome but who are not citizens of our republic, either because they are unfamiliar with us, have chosen not to join, or have decided to leave our company.

Some of the Romans I like best are those that I met online through Res Publica Romana. Sadly not all remain as citizens of the republic today. Despite the loss of some of those citizens of the republic with whom I always felt I shared the greatest affinity and agreement in the interpretation of modern traditional Romanism, I have remained as a citizen of this republic, in the interest of promoting the Roman culture that I love. I have paid not only my own taxes, but have also voluntarily paid the taxes of all the citizens of my province in order to ensure that they remain in good standing in the republic and that our province may be a leading province within the republic.

Naturally one of the greatest challenges we face as citizens of this republic and as citizens of Provincia Mississippia Borealis has been that of our small numbers and the great physical distances that separate us from one another. Although we may gather here online in the forum, we live far from one another and find it difficult to organize any face to face meetings between citizens.

I would like to see the planning of an international convention or of a delegation to one of the other international Roman cultural gatherings that take place. I believe a number of them take place in Europa. I would like to see more cooperation between different Roman communities and I am encouraged by the news of changes that have come to Nova Roma.

I am also encouraged by the news of the incorporation of Res Publica Romana in Sarmatia; a move that I too feel to be a step in the right direction both for Sarmatia and for each of the provinces of the republic. I would like to do the same in Provincia Mississippia Borealis.

I have for a long time neglected the task of writing by-laws for the province, although that neglect has been in part due to my desire to have more input from other citizens on this province and for our by-laws to be written and ratified in a democratic setting. It has been difficult for me to create the necessary environment for that kind of democratic participation and in general to garner sufficient interest in the province at all and therefor I have long since left off making much effort, I must admit.

For the coming year I am prepared to make another effort at rallying the citizens of this province and working to support them in their participation in the republic. I have not always found all magistrates to be as accommodating in the past to requests and petitions but as a result of that I rather gave up on using the magistrates and decided to simply settle matters myself as best I could with the censor or consul directly or if I met too much resistance from either of them to simply apologize to whatever citizen I was trying to help and give up my petitions entirely.

Finally, I must say it has somewhat troubled me for a long time the attitudes of some magistrates to take their honored positions too seriously in the way of privilege and hierarchy within this community. I frankly don't see the need at all for a modern Roman community to maintain some of the more socially regressive traditions of the separation between Patricians and Plebeians, the presumption of entitlement to power and positions of power and honor by those who have made themselves Patricians or have been made so by purchase or the presumption of the entitlement to advancement in rank according to the cursus honorum simply as a matter of course. I favor a Roman community that maintains the honorific titles as formalities and some of the organizational structure but makes positions of power open to all by direct democracy with a principle of one vote per citizen. Some ancient Roman customs and traditions are simply not suited to the age in which we live. That's my two cents!


PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:14 am
by Titus Flavius Severus

Quadratus, I answered you about this with a personal message.

T. Fl. Severus