Italy: Rome's Neighborhoods

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Italy: Rome's Neighborhoods

Postby Gaia Cassia Longina » Wed Oct 19, 2016 12:27 pm

This week is Trastevere - my own neighborhood!

Although known for being the center for many universities and high prices, the small neighborhood charm of Trastevere certainly makes up for the busy times and expensive prices. 

Make sure to visit the main square, Santa Maria, and the twisting cobbled streets, packed with small boutiques and cozy cafes. 

Legend has it that Gianicolo was the site of the city founded by the god Janus. One of his children, Tiber, lent his name to the river of Rome. Rome boasts many wonderful views, but one of the best spots for a memorable vista is the Gianicolo (Ianiculum Hill), across the Tiber. It's not considered one of the "Seven Hills" of Rome, but it's certainly one of the most visited. We like to come here at sunset for the magnificent views over the entire city. There is no grander panorama of Rome than the one you'll see here. Later you can follow the Passeggiata del Gianicolo or Janiculum Walk, which winds along the crest of the hill.

Places to Eat
Bir and Fud: Popular craft-beer bar  also serves pizzas and traditional snacks to hungry drinkers. 

VII Coorte: Set on top of a wonderful terrace on top of the old firehouse, VII Coorte serves
some of the best octopus and dinners in Trastevere!

Le Levain: Perfect for a delicious breakfast and coffee. 

Akropolis: Delicious Greek food, but make sure to get a reservation, it fills up so quickly! 

Jaipur: If you are in the mood for something not Italian, Jaipur has excellent Indian food - with a free prosecco to start! 

​Carlo Menta: Crowded but amazing traditional Italian dishes. 

I Suppli: Make sure to have a taste of supplì (fried rice croquettes filled with mozzarella and ragout).

La Prosciutteria Trastevere: A wonderful little place to stop for some food and wine after a long day. You order by the wooden platter - small, medium and large. We had a selection of cheese and meat with truffle flavored cheese on toast.

Ombre Rosse Cafe: Friendly service and bright atmosphere with perfect small portions. 

La Boccaccia: Real Roman style pizza - locals come here to eat for their delicious pizzas and low cost!

Pimm's: Right next to a university, this place can get busy, but if you go for lunch or an aperitif - it's perfect. 8 euros for snacks and the drink of your choice, accompanied by jazz music, while you sit out on the street under ivy or inside with their modern industrial decor. 

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Gaia Cassia Longina

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