What to Never Forget When Traveling

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What to Never Forget When Traveling

Postby Gaia Cassia Longina » Tue Feb 07, 2017 12:32 pm

Salvete omnes!

Recently, I have been asked "what is one thing that I should bring when traveling?"

Well, the answer is: there is no one thing! But to answer, I have complied a list of several things that I would never leave home without!
Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 10.42.23 AM.png
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1. Electronics
Now, some people do not like to travel with their electronics, which is totally understandable, but as for me, I usually am working as well as enjoying myself, so I have to drag along usually two devices. The one thing I always - and I repeat, always - have on my person is my phone. As a woman who usually travels alone, I feel so much more comfortable with it - and even if you are not alone, it is important to have in case of emergencies and to keep up to date with your government's warnings, news, etc.

2. Misc. Items
These seemingly random items have been help to me and I cannot leave home without them now.
I ultimately always have chapstick or lipstick in my bag and nothing is a bigger happiness-killer than dry, chapped lips. I recommend having two: one with at least an SPF 15 and one super moisturizing for plane rides or dry mountain air. Hand sanitizer will also save you more than you know! And hand/face wipes are always good to keep around.
My recommendations:
    Aesop: SPF, $$$, ***** http://www.aesop.com/au/gift/lip-balm
    Jack Black: SPF, $$, *** [goo.gl/itR5Yt]
    Sun Bum SPF 30: SPF, $, ** [goo.gl/ZU1KVd]
    Love + Sage: Moisture, $$$, **** [goo.gl/WrBQiV]
    Maybelline Baby Lips: Moisture + Color, $, ****
3. Journaling & Itineraries
Okay, so one of the most interesting things I have learned from my years of backpacking, camping, and glam-traveling, is that a journal is so much fun to keep. Paste flowers, write names of people you met, keep contact information, and recipes you pick up along the way! It’s definitely worth the effort and you’ll keep all those special memories for years more!
A Filofax or folder with your itinerary is also extremely important. This way you will know all the addresses, phone numbers, confirmation numbers, etc. and have them all in the palm of your hand if your internet isn’t working or you cant seem to remember the hotel name off the top of your head. I will be posting a good resource for online itinerary makers and files soon so you can print them out and have them for your next get-away or business trip.

4. Water Bottle
Trust me, water can be hard to come by when climbing a mountain or roaming the streets of Athens, for example. Is the water clean? Is this source okay to drink from? Be safe and get water from your hotel in the morning and fill up at any café or water fountain. Instead of wasting plastic, bring your own metal or collapsible water bottle. I use this metal one which works magic – it keeps your water cold for up to 8 hours!
    Collapsible: $10 – $25 [goo.gl/0izbhW]
    CamelBak: $7.50 – $60 [goo.gl/c1DFvz]
    Cassia’s Metal: $15 [goo.gl/RyxdB8]
    Other Metal: $18 [goo.gl/xuKFSl]
5. USB Charging Backpack
Amazing, right? Backpacks now charge your phone! I highly recommend getting one for the international traveler – this backpack has saved me more than once and the charge for the backpack itself lasts quite a while (2+ days). It’s also waterproof and comes with a lock so you can lock it up when walking the crowded streets!
    Cassia’s: 117 € [goo.gl/NnZ1x3]
    Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port and Lock, $28.99 [goo.gl/Gw3Laf]
    Other: [goo.gl/m4zLJu]
6. Passport Holder
Organization! And safety! Who wants to lose their plane ticket at security? Keep all tickets, ID cards, currency, and tickets in one place. I highly recommend one of these for the traveler. You will also never want to forget:
    i. Passport (if required, check your country's laws)
    ii. ID cards. Driver's license, medical cards, insurance, etc.
    iii. Currency. If you're traveling abroad, get your exchange out of the way before going to the airport. Visit your bank and see if they do exchanges - most happily do - but always check the exchange rate for that day so you know you're not getting ripped off. The airport charges an exchange fee so you won't get all your money back. Banks do too, but some do not. Chase, the USA bank I belong to, does not charge fees for exchanging, however, you do have to order euros two days in advance before your scheduled departure date.
    iv. Plane tickets. I know, it seems silly, but always keep a printed version of either your ticket or your itinerary with the confirmation number, airline, etc. If you fly on budget airlines, like RyanAir or EasyJet, they always charge you if you do not have your ticket already printed with you when you check-in. They charge up to 90€ if you ask them to print it for you!
My recommendations:
    Cassia’s: $14 [goo.gl/6OKV01]
    Cassia’s Goals: Lilly Pulitzer, $32.00 [goo.gl/jdsKBU]
    Travelambo Travel Wallet: $13.00 [goo.gl/T6uhVy]
    Travelon: $10.00 [goo.gl/H2N7SC]
    Scarf: Yes! You read that right! Now you can be warm and have your phone or passport. It’s actually pretty nifty and I am thinking of buying one. $30 [goo.gl/X20uGb]
    Neck Pouch: For the less stylish, there’s the neck pouch. But the plus is, if you’re out and about and felt so inclined to bring your passport (not recommended), you can keep it safely plastered to your heart. $13.00 [goo.gl/wn8B17]
    Or even, for the less-less stylish, there is the fanny pack. Sweet gods, please – avoid this one unless you want to look like a blast from the 90’s or a total tool (especially in Italy – you will get looks. Guaranteed). I will not even justify looking at these by posting URLs.
7. Wearable Items
So we've all forgotten that one extra pair of socks on the occasion, but there are a few things that I will always keep in my travel bag.
i. Gloves. A good pair of leather gloves will go a long way.
    Cassia's: Hermes [goo.gl/ZFeP2h]
    Marino Leather Waterproof Gloves: $22.99 [goo.gl/pSf9jF]
    Men's Texting Touchscreen Leather Gloves: $29.99 [goo.gl/VeYm6L]
    There are also tons of options out there!
ii. Scarf. Seriously, there is nothing a good scarf cannot do.
iii. Sunglasses.
iv. Watch.
v. Good Walking Shoes. I cannot stress the importance of this. If they're heavier, wear them on the plane. I always bring my favorite combat boots - they're versatile, waterproof, heavy duty, and fashionable (Cassia's: Doc. Martens, $140.00 [goo.gl/jpMwkl])!
Women: If you're traveling to Italy or Europe in general, say away from sandals, cheesy sneakers, or clompy slip ons. I recommend:
    Flats (for warmer weather): make sure they have STURDY bottoms and won't fall apart with cobblestones!
    Booties: goo.gl/KghmMX
    Boots: goo.gl/zyAO8P
Men: Please, for the love of the gods, leave the terrible, worn out sneakers at home. Get a comfy pair of:
    Oxford's: goo.gl/TKg8z1
    Boots: goo.gl/PVxOWv
    Or if you have to, sneakers, but look at these first: Aldo Gravizzi Sneaker, $59.00 [goo.gl/XnCYwN]

What are a couple things you cannot leave home without? We're in the process of making an RR Travel Book so let me know your suggestions!

C Cassia Longina
Gaia Cassia Longina

Re: What to Never Forget When Traveling

Postby Octavia Aurelia Fulva » Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:38 pm

This is a very complete and useful guide!! I got almost everything ready for my trip to Rome next week but are certain things I didnt think about like usb chaging backpack! Thank you so much !!


N. Octavia Saturnina
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Octavia Aurelia Fulva
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Bonae Deae / Triviae Sacerdos
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Re: What to Never Forget When Traveling

Postby Gaia Cassia Longina » Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:21 am

Salve Octavia!

How wonderful to hear you are coming to Rome! The weather has absolutely been beautiful!

I am so glad that this guide helped you. (:

C Cassia Longina
Gaia Cassia Longina

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