What do we mean by a spiritual Roman nation? What role does the Roman Republic play?

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Re: What do we mean by a spiritual Roman nation? What role does the Roman Republic play?

Postby Lucius Metilius Niger » Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:14 pm

Gaius Florius Lupus wrote:I second what Antonius Paullus said.
We have formidable magistrates in our Republic and it is a bright example for a working democratic structure, but the organizational structure itself is not helpful. It scares people away who would otherwise want to join, and it causes unnecessary frictions between members and creates an atmosphere of inequality when issues are discussed. Simple citizens may feel subconsciously intimidated by the titles and be less willing to speak freely.

It would be nice, if our Republic could become an umbrella organization for all Roman-related activities. But due to our organizational structure we get a lot of rejection from members of other organizations who do not know us well.

We should think about what will really help us to become more inclusive and to enable more cooperation with other communities. Our political offices certainly will not.
Would it not be great to have a central register of all people with Roman names and being able to certify their identity, no matter which organization they belong to?
Would it not be great, if other organizations would be able to use our forum to communicate instead of cumbersome Yahoo mailing lists or Facebook groups?
Would it not be great, if the Denarius was a real, fully convertible currency that citizens and non-citizens could use alike?
Would it not be great to become a platform, where different organizations could come together and coordinate their activities and projects?

This is not going to happen, while we have an own government and an own legislation. We appear too much as a closed community to the outside world. No outsider really understands the difference between us and Nova Roma.
Sometimes less can become more.
I would like to ask the Senate to give it a serious thought. Our political structure is not essential for our Republic. Giving it up could open many doors.

Valete, amici!

:D very well said !
Lucius Metilius Niger


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