Rites - Public & Private (Liber & Cassian)

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Rites - Public & Private (Liber & Cassian)

Postby Gaia Cassia Longina » Wed Dec 07, 2016 5:35 pm

Salvete omnes,
I have tried to put together one of my usual rites to Liber and my personal rites. Feel free to comment! I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Iane pater et Vesta, in spe haec placuis preco,
Tus tibi do uti volens propitius et amici, familia, Republicaque benedictiones das.
Father Janus and Vesta, I pray in hope that this pleases you,
I give you this offering in hopes that you are pleased and offer your blessings to my friends, family, and Republic.

*light incense and candles*

Father Liber, I welcome you into my home and to attend this ceremony.
I give this wine to you in hopes that it pleases you, in hope that you are favorable to our houses and families. I ask you to care for us and give us growth, prosperity, and happiness. I offer you this wine in hopes that it pleases you. *Pours wine into bowl*

Liber Pater, hoc placuis et pro Res Publica Romana do. Sodes nos benedicis. Sodes cives protegis.
Father Liber, I give this to you to please you on behalf of the Republic. Please bless us. Please protect the citizens.

Libera Mater, in spe haec placuis preco do, in spe te volens propitius ad Res Publica Romana, nobis domibus familiisque nostris es. Te precor uti Res Publica Romana nos cures, prosperitatem, latitiamque nobis dones.
Mother Libera, I give this to you in hopes that it pleases you, in hope that you are favorable to our houses and families. I ask you to care for us and give us growth, prosperity, and happiness.

*wash hands*
I call you, Pater Liber, to be present and receive this honey cake. I pray that you may be favorable to my friends, family, and community. I pray for your guidance and benevolence in recognition of your power.
(Personal: I also pray that you continue to guide me as plebeian tribune, on my path of protecting the people’s rights, seeking the correct courses of action so that the community may be protected and inspired. Continue to watch over me as tribune, your sacerdos, and my community.)

-Private Rights to Other Gods-
Including: Minerva, Apollo, Mercurius, Iuno, Diana, Hygeia, Iustitia.
-Private Rights to Ancestors-
Honorable ancestors, I invite you into my home to receive these offerings I hope will please you.
[...] Please receive this offering (varies from day to day) and I hope that it pleases you.
[...] Ancestors, Please continue to protect and guide me. I wish to live on the path of virtue and I ask that you continue to lead me. I live to honor you every day.

Pater Liber, Mater Libera, all gods and ancestors, I hope that this ceremony does not displease you. Please forgive any ignorance that I may have displayed. Please take these humble offerings that I give to you with the upmost respect.

Most honorable ancestors, I live to honor you every day. Most powerful gods, I live to serve you every day.
All may leave.
*wash hands*
Gaia Cassia Longina

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