Just an interesting note: how I use the gods at work

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Just an interesting note: how I use the gods at work

Postby Gaia Cassia Longina » Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:13 pm

As many of you know, I am a Classicist, and thus I rely heavily on Minerva and Apollo. I am a traveler and an "ancestor-worshipper," so I also rely on Mercury. I am the sacerdos to Liber, so I clearly dedicate most of my time to him. However, I am also a fashion designer and I also incorporate the gods into my daily craft.
Of course, Minerva and Apollo are used mainly for my craft due to the aspect of weaving and the creativity. But how do I use religion in it? To begin, over the past few months, I have become increasingly religious-not just to the Lares, Liber and Mercury, but to all the gods. So, it was obvious to me to join my work and my religion. Here is how I incorporate my craft and religion:

Prayer: I begin each stitch with a thanks to both Minerva to guide my needle with precision and cleanliness. I also thank Apollo for the creativity given to me while beginning a dress.

Color Divination: a less likely way of thanking the gods as well. I typically associate gods with colors and blessings I wish to instill in the item of clothing, therefore instilling good wishes and blessings onto the person wearing it. I use thread to do this - the different thread colors represent a different god or meaning to me.
1. Red: (Mars) passion, strength, survival, courage
2. Orange: (Minerva) opportunity, focus, creativity, knowledge, success
3. Yellow: (Apollo/Flora) sun, creativity, positive attitude, memory, spring, rebirth
4. Light green: (Ceres) nature, abundance, nurturing energy, healing
5. Green: (Liber(a)) growth, luck, protection, fertility, freedom, power in your words, nature, success
6. Light blue: (Juno) protection, affection, women empowerment, happiness in marriage or relationships
7. Dark blue: (Neptune) ocean, depth, protection from natural disasters
8. Purple: (Jupiter) justice, strength, law, vows, power in your actions
9. Violet:
10. Dark purple: enlightenment, third eye, drive away evil
11. Pink: (Venus) love, fertility, friendship, femininity, self-acceptance, bonds between people
12. White: peace, purity, divination, religious practices, healing, calm (ALSO for Janus) new beginnings and happiness
13. Black: (Lares, Manes, Dis Pater-the Underworld, the Departed, and Spirits) safety, protection, banish negativity, spiritual healing and protection, guardian spirits of the individual/household/community
14. Brown: (Vesta/Diana) strength, animals, quickness, child bearing or a child growing up
15. Gold: (Fortuna) opportunity, luck, foresight
16. Silver: (Mercury) opportunity, protection, safe travels, locating lost items, quickness in any affair, spiritual connection and power

This may sound strange but this is how you "add energy" into something or remove any negative energies. It is common practice with people with crystals or other items. I also "charge" my lararium when I clean it and let a few items sit out in the sun, moon, or rain. So I leave the clothes either out or laying in my house in the sun or moonlight to "charge" them.

This is in no means historical. It is just my way of honoring the gods and offering thanks to them every time I do something. (:

C Cassia Longina
Gaia Cassia Longina

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