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Re: Roman Temples

Postby Gaius Florius Lupus » Fri May 05, 2017 1:47 pm

Salve Niger, carissime amce!

Te rogo, do not leave the Republic! We need your voice here. I need your voice here, because I have often criticized the same things. You are our bridge builder to the CPR.

There is no reason to take a normal conversation as an insult. I know that Furius can sometimes sound like he was insulting, but this is just his way to speak. He wants to be faithful to his name. It is not meant as offense.

Censores, we should consider to take away the option to resign citizenship. Let us just change the account status to inactive or something. Some people overreact in an emotional moment and often regret it later on. There is no effective diference between an inactive account and a cancelled cirizenship, but it takes a big psychological obstacle away from former citizens who want to return.

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Re: Roman Temples

Postby Gaius Curtius Philo » Fri May 05, 2017 3:29 pm

Lucius Metilius Niger wrote:I'm sorry it's too late, friend,

It's not a sensitive decision, I cannot continue to see how the RR use the Internet for promote their website like the traditional RESPUBLICA ROMANA, like the unic one, the legitim one. like proselyts people. I cannot continue to support groups or people who pretend to be senators, magistrates, consuls, sacerdotes augurs and pontifs by Internet, and "only" by internet finaly. People who waste their time in heavy and complex laws, absolute virtual and false Rules. People who try to recruit all the time in every group (reenactment or polytheist/pagan). People who favorize divisions between cultores, oligarchy, run after titles and glorifications. I cannot support a Revivalist group who copy/paste the ancient roman republic virtually, like NR or RPR made by the past, like a RPG, and restore again a virtual oligarchy on the web who claim to be the community for all, the best community, the best way. It's absolutely not decent. Really. I tried to keep in contact with all of you, say my opinions clearly and frankly, but I think you don't really listen people like me, who make doubts or critics because I believe you are only fanatized by your Republic website, your beautiful project, and nothing other. Too late. I will continue to work with CPR and all free-minded people, sincerous humble and spiritual cultores. No time for play RPG and be the "slave" of the ROMANREPUBLIC really. No time to remake the Roman History on the web.

Please delete my account, my membership, my citizenship, or what you spell it.
see you in the reality I hope.

It seems you're the one that cant take criticism, sincerely... People simply proved that what you say about "virtual republics" is fallacious. If you think the magistracies of the RR are meaningless it just shows how you never really cared to look it through and see the amount of work and toil that goes on organizing and maintaining this. I've seen people's marriages be strained because of it. Frankly, Niger, you see pride everywhere but in yourself... You have a problem with a name. The RR NEVER claimed to be the one and only org and has countless times tried to reach out to groups to work together. The RR has consistently moved for unity and has consistently been repelled by all the major organizations for absolutely no clear reason. If they dont want to work with us as equals, that is their right, but you cant say we dont try...
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Re: Roman Temples

Postby Publius Iunius Brutus » Fri May 05, 2017 9:54 pm

Lucius Metilius Niger wrote:Hello,

So I'm sorry, but I can not decently continue to let you call me hypocrit all the time.

I consider that I have been fairly frank and courageous for almost a year now to have come to register on this forum, and on Facebook, thinking that I can express myself freely, to express my opinions, my doubts, And some of my criticisms, see also if indeed my doubts were confirmed; Hoping until yesterday still, that we could work together despite everything, despite our different points of view, or our different ways of carrying out a number of objectives related to the Romanity, and specifically the Roman religion. (Via internet or real)

Alas, there are not only great distances which separate us, and if we are undoubtedly "Brothers of Piety", for some of you, in a sense, we do not have the same views and The same approaches to promote the Roman religion in a humble and living way. In any case as we imagine here in Europe. We don't want to be "subservient" to the RR, directly or indirectly. clearly.

I consider that the CDR must be real, practiced in reality, and between cultores, in a convivial, humble way (that's why I speak of humility, yes), and not through pompous and pretentious virtual scaffolding. (Such as the distribution of titles of magistrates when in reality they are only virtual posts: moderation, etc.)

You are focused on virtual institutions, outdated, and heavy, pompous, and you think that the CPR does like you? You are wrong. The difference is that we do not play role role we, and we do not pretend to be the Roman Republic. The titles used in the CPR are 100% functional, they do not serve to make them an idle display, to boast and shine, or to explode any authority in the face of people. I encourage you to discuss with our Consul Vanessa, instead of contacting a censor (Dario Arceri) by means roundabout.

You can withdraw my candidacy for the post of "Procurator" (term so pompous and pretentious there too) of the Gauls as well as my citizenship within your web-site, forum, etc. I also expect you to delete my account as soon as possible.

It is a shame, a minimum of cooperation between us, even fragile could have been valuable to you. But it's probably better that way. I do not lose anything, you lose a lot. Find this pretentious if you want.

I do not leave as an enemy, since we are not really enemy, and I do not consider myself as your enemy, and I do not consider you as enemies, but confreres, I simply do not have time to play Role play with you guys, and conduct small civil wars. In another life can be?


Let me be blunt.

You might not like being called a hypocrite, but you are, it is astutely accurate. It is a fact. Like how the sun will rise and set. This is not subjective. If anyone takes the time to review the evidence it reveals you are just that, a self serving hypocrite who is arrogant and narrow minded.

You are only right about one thing. The internet has linmitations. If you knew me, face to face, you would never speak such rubbish. If you understood me, knew my commitment and rational behind this project and towards the CDR you would be ashamed as an honest and good person who cares for the CDR. At last, you won't know me. So we move on and are spared your arrogant self serving diatribes flinged aimlessly across the internet.

We got work to do. You do not appreciate that or seem to even care to understand it. Let's see how history judges us. I'm confident you will see your misjudgement here if you stick around long enough.

So be it. We all make our choices. That is life. All the best with the course you decide to take.
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