Rome's 'War on Drugs'?

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Rome's 'War on Drugs'?

Postby Publius Sextius Laevus » Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:25 pm

Salvete discipuli/ae scholaresque cultorum


'Quasi vinolento vento' upon a blog post, Quid re vera sumpserint bacchantes: pertaining to the possible use of amanita muscaria hallucinogenic mushrooms (along with or in wine) in bacchanalian rites. Their effects may explain part of the rites' proceedings (though it must be conceded that not all would require hallucinogens or wine to so indulge).

These secret noctunal festivities so upset the rational ordered minds of the Senate that they banned the rites in 186 BC (read Backward Counting if preferred). The effects of this suppression can be felt even to this day - caveat suffragatio.

I. The Containment of Dionysos: Religion and Politics in the Bacchanalia Affair of 186 BCE:

II. Silencing the Revelry: An Examination of the Moral Panic in 186 BCE and the Political Implications Accompanying the Persecution of the Bacchic Cult in the Roman Republic:

III. plurissima ad araneam infinitam:

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