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Roman Republic

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200 views- The laurel wreath suggests the triumph, legacy and importance of Roman culture from antiquity to the present day.

- The eagle represents and recalls the virtue of the Roman people both in the past and in the present. It also harks back to the legionaries of antiquity who followed and protected the aquilifer and his standard. Similarly today Romans are called to join, participate and protect the Res Publica. The eagle also suggests the taking of auspices and Iuppiter which references the cultus deorum.

- The thunderbolts are a direct reference to Iuppiter and the importance of the Gods and Goddesses to the success of the Res Publica.

- The plaque stating SPQR is superimposed over these images as a reminder that Romanitas, Roman virtue and the Cultus Deorum are all manifested, and interlinked within the modern Res Publica Romana.
By Lucius Aurelius Curio, entry for Ludi Cerialia contest 2016119 viewsHere is my entry for the Cerialia Ludi. It is the Fox burning to keep away pests, with crossed wheat behind it to symbolize Ceres.
Roman Household Altar124 viewsRoman household altar and primary shrine to Iuppiter, Diana, Apollo, Venus, Mercurius, Minerva, and Ianus, as well as Vesta
sambuca118 viewsreverse down position showing solid side
House of the Mysteries 121 viewsPompeii
Roman Bridge Over the Ofanto River119 viewsThe Ofanto River is subject to seasonal floods, and so the Rman bridge was constructed to provide a clear way to cross the river during any season.
Lararium135 views

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