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Antioch and Mt. Silpius156 viewsAntioch is positioned between the Orantes River and Mt. Silpius in Syria near the modern town of Antakya, Turkey.
Bacchus Shrine206 viewsShrine to Bacchus or Liber and altar to His Mysteries
Caesareum - Imperial Cult199 views
Collegium Peregrinatorum144 views
Vinalia Ceremony 2016174 views
End of Ludi Cerialia Ceremony - 2016166 views
Gens System of the Roman Republic143 views
Gens / Family System of the Roman Republic146 views
Fish in Coriander Crust - Apicius 10, 1, 4167 views
244 views- The laurel wreath suggests the triumph, legacy and importance of Roman culture from antiquity to the present day.

- The eagle represents and recalls the virtue of the Roman people both in the past and in the present. It also harks back to the legionaries of antiquity who followed and protected the aquilifer and his standard. Similarly today Romans are called to join, participate and protect the Res Publica. The eagle also suggests the taking of auspices and Iuppiter which references the cultus deorum.

- The thunderbolts are a direct reference to Iuppiter and the importance of the Gods and Goddesses to the success of the Res Publica.

- The plaque stating SPQR is superimposed over these images as a reminder that Romanitas, Roman virtue and the Cultus Deorum are all manifested, and interlinked within the modern Res Publica Romana.
Flag for the Collegium Vetenari170 viewsBlack border for those brothers in arms that are no longer with us

Maroon for the blood spilled by our brothers in arms - let we forget the cost of war. (These colors are represented in our tunics as well)

The Republic's Sigil to denote that though we may have worn uniforms of different countries, we are united under the Roman Republic

The helmet and gladius, tools of war, set down in brotherhood yet always near to hand so as to defend the Republic if so called by the gods and the Republic's trumpets.
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