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Eaton Gallery of Rome at the Royal Ontario Museum179 views
Roman Household Altar163 viewsRoman household altar and primary shrine to Iuppiter, Diana, Apollo, Venus, Mercurius, Minerva, and Ianus, as well as Vesta
Trajan's Arch at Timgad, Algeria154 viewsThis is the remaining ruin of Trajan's Arch in the ancient city of Timgad.
Roman / Greek Dinner178 viewsAll made in accordance to my great grandmother's translations (from family recipes dating back to our Roman ancestry, and from cookbooks by Cato, Appius, etc.)
Roman Fort Mobene157 viewsMain entrance from inside the fortress. The fort is located on the Jordanian desert in the vicinity of the Dead Sea. Fort Mobene was a part of the "Limes Arabicus."
Roman Fort Mobene, Corner View, Southern Tower160 viewsThis drawing of the fort is the corner of the highest tower
Roman Fort Mobene at Sunset163 viewsQasr Bsir, Mobene, Roman Fort at sunset, Jordanian Desert
Roman Fort Mobene, First Level Diagram151 viewsFirst Level Diagram; "Mobene" is not mentioned in the "Notitia Dgnitatum" and the building inscription does not refer to either the unit or the unit commander.
Roman Fortress Mobene (Qasr Bshir) Southern Tower146 viewsThe four, heavy, square corner towers measure eleven to twelve meters and project some three meters beyond the curtain walls. These three-storied structures used to be a full ten meters high
Roman Fort Mobeen - Corner view of Highest Tower143 viewsThe above drawing is a corner view of the highest tower. The ruins are the best preserved of all Roman Forts in the Middle East.
Roman Road of Tali Aqibrin to Antioch138 viewsThis is a broad Roman Road that was layered with flat granite stones, constructed by Roman road engineers.
Factio Russata Banner136 views
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