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Roman Ship-Yard Dry-Dock177 viewsArchaeologists have recently uncovered the remains of a sixty-foot
high building, seen here in a reconstruction that functioned as a ship
-yard for the drydocking and maintenance of Roman ships.
Apr 11, 2016
Saalburg Fort Palisade Corner Tower 137 viewsOne of the corner towers on the palisade. AD 121.Apr 08, 2016
Saalburg Fort 144 viewsColor Diagram of the Saalburg fort showing the fort with ditch, rampart and gate. The diagram also shows the road latout, to and from the fort , the village houses, and the palisade with its towers and entrance.Apr 08, 2016
Mediolanum - 222 BC to AD 286149 viewsA color diagram of the Roman CityApr 08, 2016
Roman Fort Mobeen - Corner view of Highest Tower143 viewsThe above drawing is a corner view of the highest tower. The ruins are the best preserved of all Roman Forts in the Middle East.Apr 08, 2016
Roman Fortress Mobene (Qasr Bshir) Southern Tower146 viewsThe four, heavy, square corner towers measure eleven to twelve meters and project some three meters beyond the curtain walls. These three-storied structures used to be a full ten meters highApr 08, 2016
Roman Fort Mobene, Corner View, Southern Tower160 viewsThis drawing of the fort is the corner of the highest towerApr 08, 2016
Roman Fort Mobene, First Level Diagram151 viewsFirst Level Diagram; "Mobene" is not mentioned in the "Notitia Dgnitatum" and the building inscription does not refer to either the unit or the unit commander.Apr 08, 2016
Roman Fort Mobene at Sunset163 viewsQasr Bsir, Mobene, Roman Fort at sunset, Jordanian DesertApr 08, 2016
Roman Fort Mobene157 viewsMain entrance from inside the fortress. The fort is located on the Jordanian desert in the vicinity of the Dead Sea. Fort Mobene was a part of the "Limes Arabicus."Apr 08, 2016
Flag for the Collegium Vetenari170 viewsBlack border for those brothers in arms that are no longer with us

Maroon for the blood spilled by our brothers in arms - let we forget the cost of war. (These colors are represented in our tunics as well)

The Republic's Sigil to denote that though we may have worn uniforms of different countries, we are united under the Roman Republic

The helmet and gladius, tools of war, set down in brotherhood yet always near to hand so as to defend the Republic if so called by the gods and the Republic's trumpets.
Apr 06, 2016
Siege Tower156 viewsSame as P1030432Apr 05, 2016
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