XVIII: VII: Senatus Consultum: Patronage

XVIII: VII: Senatus Consultum: Patronage


Patronage in the Republic 

1. All new citizens will automatically be assigned a patron by the website with the help of the Aranearius, each patron will receive one client before receiving another.

2. Patrons can be chosen by any of the Consuls, Praetors and Censors. This position is for life unless they cannot be reached without explanation for 30 days or they voluntarily step down as Patron.

3. Patrons will be responsible for the following:
       1. Introducing new citizens to the activities of the Republic.
       2. Inviting their client to the Discord and answering questions they may have.
       3. Encouraging the activity of the new citizen in whatever they feel the most drawn to in the Republic.

4. Patrons may be removed by the same office that appointed them, unless a superior office exists. A Consul can remove a Praetors appointed patron but a Praetor could not remove a Consuls, unless clause 2 is invoked.

5. Patrons will be managed on the Discord and by the website for ease of access.

6. Patrons will be awarded 50 denarii a month, the patron with the most active clients receives an additional 50 denarii award.

7. A client or patron may discontinue the relationship with either at any moment, but should a patron not have any clients they will not receive the 50 denarii. A client must be had for at least 1 day of the month in order for the denarii to be awarded. 

8. This consultum will not affect any new citizens until passed by the Senate, citizens who joined up to this point will not be assigned a patron but will be encouraged to reach out to one with questions.

9. This consultum will take precedence over any past attempts to create a Patronage system. 

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