Ludi / Festivals

Celebrate the Ludi Romani

September 5 - 19, 2020

The Ludi Romani were games (ludi) held annually by the ancient Romans in honor of the greatest god Iupiter.

Historically these were the oldest, largest and most popular games, first held in 509 BCE. Historically circus games clearly dominated the event, but athletic competitions such as running, wrestling along with theatre and music also were present throughout the games.

The modern Roman Republic has reinstituted these games in the form of a festival celebrated for a week both online and offline. Join us to celebrate the past, present, and tomorrow!

Learn more about this historical Ludi Romani here.


Ceremony to honor Iupiter

Donate to make a private offering to Iupiter upon the public altar

To be held on September 12

Compete in our chariot racing boardgame hosted online

September 5 - September 19

We will be playing the board game Chariot Dice over the duration of the ludi. You may enter up to 4 chariots into the game. The first entry is free. Additional entries cost 9 denarii/chariot.

New chariots are accepted until September 10.

The rules of the game are listed here.

Note: Over the course of the game you will be asked to enter moves on a daily basis.

1st Place Prize

Denarius depicting Emperor Domitian's deceased infant son, depicted as a baby Jupiter seated on a globe raising a hand to seven stars representing the contelitation Ursa Major. On the reverse is an image of Emperor Domitian's wife, Domitia Longina. 82 CE. (Replica)

PLUS 75 Roman Republic Denarii + Additional Denarii prize depending on number of competitors and Ludi Victors badge on citizenship profile

2nd Place Prize

50 Roman Republic Denarii

3rd Place Prize

25 Roman Republic Denarii

Team Theatre Contest

September 3 - September 19

Take a seat in our virtual theatre, and help craft the next grand script! In this competition work with your fellow citizens to craft a play. Take turns writing a scene then allowing fellow participants to continue the story.

One entry per-day, per-participant is allowed.

The best writers will be judged at the end and prizes duly awarded.

1st Place Prize

Luxurious alabaster statue of Iupiter Optimus Maximus on his throne holding his divine scepter. 6.5'' in height and made in Greece.

PLUS 100 Roman Republic Denarii and Ludi Victors badge on citizenship profile

2nd Place Prize

50 Roman Republic Denarii

3rd Place Prize

25 Roman Republic Denarii

Ludi Romani Souvenirs

T-shirts, pins, stickers, mugs and more

For a limited time the Roman Republic is issuing gear depicting the Ludi Romani 2020 logo! Honor Iupiter with an image depicting him seated upon his celestial throne with Victoria and his messenger an eagle.