To Ancient Rome Restored

Dedicated to promoting, educating and living
the Roman culture of antiquity in the modern age

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Roman Culture
of Antiquity

The Roman Republic is commited to the
restoration of the Roman culture and virtues of antiquity.

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Religio Romana

Performing scholarly restoration of the Roman religion of antiquity
to facilitate modern revitalization

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A Community
Dedicated to Romanitas

Building a community online and offline centered around ancient Roman culture and its ideals

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with Republican Ideals

A self-governing national community built upon the republican model of antiquity

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Learn about the Res publica

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The senate is the the highest consultative body in the republic. It advises elected magistrates, assists with legislation, and debates policy. Here you may view current senators, polices and activies of the senate.

Religio Introduction

The Cultus Deorum Romanorum is the offical religion of the republic. The Roman Republic works towards educating and restoring the ancient traditions of the Romans. Here you can learn more about the Roman religion, and the spiritual activities of the republic.


The Roman Republic is dedicated to educating and promoting the Roman culture of antiquity. Within the encyclopaedia citizens write and edit articles on any topic pertaining to Rome. Here you may also search for a verity of topics of interest, the encyclopedia is a vast database of knowledge on Rome.


The marketplace is where citizens sell and offer goods and services. It is a good place to vist if you require a service or have a skill that others may need. Within the republic denarii is traded. Denarii is obtained through donations or through assisting in public and private projects.