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The Declaration of the Roman Republic calls for the restoration of the practices of the Cultus Deorum Romanorum. The Roman Republic is to be an inclusive worldwide community of Romans committed to building a Roman spiritual nation.

This Declaration founding the Roman Republic codifies a commitment towards reestablishing the Sacra Publica and Sacra Privitia. To facilitate the development of both aspects of the Cultus Deorum, a restored Collegium Pontificum is to be established within the Roman Republic. The Collegium Pontificum is to be independent of the administrative arm of the Roman Republic. The administrative branch of the Roman Republic and the Collegium Pontificum are to assist each other towards mutual goals and the overall growth of the Roman Republic.

The Collegium Pontificum, Collegium Augurum, and Sacerdotes are to promote the public Cultus Deorum Romanorum within the national community. The Collegium Pontificum is to have a leading role in all affairs regarding the practice of the Sacra Publica and maintenance of the Pax Deorum. Sacerdotes, Augurs, and Pontifices, will have a role in education on spiritual traditions relevant to the practice of the Cultus Deorum. Furthermore, the sacerdoss, Augurs, and Pontifices are to promote and teach the ancient Roman public and personal virtues in all activities facilitated by the Res Publica.


The restoration of the Collegium Pontificum, Collegium Augurum, and sacerdoss is a task of immense importance and responsibility. These roles are positions of spiritual and community leadership. Therefore, the Comitia Curiata is committed to finding devoted, dedicated, knowledgeable and proven spiritual guides and leaders. A simple application process would never be sufficient for determining if these necessary qualifications are met and can be maintained. Therefore, the Comitia Curiata has issued a temporary operating procedure outlining the application process for sacerdoss, Augurs and Pontifices. This process is described in an Edictum Curiatorum. This operating procedure only exists to found the Collegium Pontificum and Collegium Augurum. Ounce founded these priestly colleges are to be independent and operate according to their own training and internal selection procedures without the Comitia Curiata.

All applicants can apply to one or both of the following positions: (I) sacerdos or (II) Provisional Augur.

This application process begins by completely filling out the form below. Once the application form is submitted it will be reviewed by the Comitia Curiata in confidence. Applicants meeting the qualifications in their application form will be invited by the Comitia Curiata to assume one or both roles which have been sought by the applicant.

Once accepted into the role of a sacerdos or Provisional Augur, the applicant is to tend to the Sacra Publica and demonstrate their practical skills in spiritual community leadership and the Cultus Deorum. The minimum duties are: (I) To help promote and maintain Pax Deorum through the administration of ceremony and ritual within the Sacra Publica, (II) To teach and educate citizens on the Cultus Deorum , (III) To advise and assist the administration of the Roman Republic in all matters pertaining to the Cultus Deorum.

Between a period of two months to one year, the Comitia Curiata will review the performance of each sacerdos and Provisional Augur. At this time, these priests may be invited to join a group founding the Collegium Pontificum or Collegium Augurum. Once three individuals have been discovered; Three sacerdoss are to form the Collegium Pontificum, and three Augurs are to found the Collegium Augurum. After this founding, these priestly colleges will act independently but collaboratively with the Comita Curiata and the administrative branch of the Roman Republic. Once founded, the Collegium Pontificum will appoint future sacerdoss. Similarly, future Augurs will be trained and appointed by the Collegium Augurum.

Important Notices:

All positions within the sacra publica carry great responsibility. We ask all applicants to reflect on their ability to provide the required time and guidance towards these priesthoods. If you believe you have the ability and time to dedicate towards these highly important roles then please proceed with applying!

The Comitia Curiata and citizens of the Roman Republic have created a draft document outlining the agreed upon basic principles of the Cultus Deorum Romanorum. We ask that all applicants be able to follow the basic guidelines outlined in this document.

Note that all information on the web page addressing internal operating procedures of the Collegium Pontificum and Collegium Augurum is unofficial and non-binding until ratified by an independent priestly college.


Please note: All information entered is private and will only be viewed by the Comitia Curiata

If you are not a citizen please apply here before proceeding
Which position within the sacra publica are you volunteering for?
Provisional Augur
If you are applying for sacerdos, which deity do you hope to attend?
Please outline your practical background in the practice of the Cultus Deorum:
Please outline how you have studied the Cultus Deorum, your academic background, including any teaching experience:
Please provide an example of a ceremonial formula previously used. Can be in Latin or other language but please provide English translation:
Please share your ideas on how the Cultus Deorum should be taught and promoted to the general public:
What role do you see the Roman Republic having within the Cultus Deorum and the Collegium Pontificum/Collegium Augurum:
How do you think spiritual conflicts and disputes should be resolved within the Cultus Deorum? How about within the Collegium Pontificum/Collegium Augurum?:
Provide an example of when you had to collaborate with others on something important. How did you approach this situation and what did you learn?:
What are your weaknesses and how would this impact your ability to play a leadership role within the sacra publica?:
What is motivating you towards applying for this position?:
How do you balance historical tradition and modern adaptation within the Cultus Deorum? How do you reconcile these sometimes competing interests?:
What is the future of the Cultus Deorum? How can we be best ensure Pax Deorum in the years ahead?:
How would you describe your relationship with the deities? How is this relationship maintained?:


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