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Official Ludi events occur here! Look here to participate in the ludi cultural events and competitions! For more information on ludi festivals go here: http://romanrepublic.org/bibliotheca/wiki/ludi.html

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Postby Octavius Aurelius Augustus » Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:38 pm


O. Aurelius Augustus - Plebeian Aedile

We now celebrate the opening of the Ludi megalenses, the Megalesia II! This is one of the culturals ludis of the Romans.

We have a series of contests to present that are cultural in nature. We hope you enjoy this bit of entertainment, amidst the clatter of builders and artisans and architects currently restoring the Eternal Community.

I. Opening Ceremony

O. Aurelius Augustus - Plebeian Aedile

Dear fellow citizens, Today offers us a solemn celebration of the Megalesia II – the festival of the Great Mother! Ahead of us are waiting six days of holidays!

I would like to emphasize the importance of this holiday in the ancient times. Reviving the former greatness of Rome, we must not forget about this. Following the tradition, after centuries of neglect, our Republic dedicates to the Megalesia respective Ludi.

Therefore, I want to wish good luck to all participants of this Ludi, as well as good mood, fun and pleasant memories.

I also want to ask each of you to bring a piece of this significant holiday in real life. Meet with your family and friends and share the joy of this holiday with those who are close to you. By reviving the tradition, we are reviving Rome!

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