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Restoring the best of Roman antiquity for today

We are building communities promoting ancient Roman culture along with its virtues and associated traditions

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From the casual lover of Rome to the dedicated academic, the Roman Republic is a community for you. We are a home for those who are interested in Latin, living history projects, the Religio Romana, ancient history, the classics, and more.

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The Roman Republic is a non-profit organization. Therefore, donations support all of our projects. Without the generosity of citizen-members, there would be no Respublica.

The philanthropy of our supporters provides the opportunity to building living Romanitas for the modern day.

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What does the Roman Republic offer?

Free Online Courses and Roman Wiki

• The online school, Academia Minervalis. Here we offer a growing number of online courses to citizen-members.

• Our online learning platform allows courses to fit your schedule. 

A dedicated Roman wiki (Bibliotheca) which is built and updated by our community.

Face-to-Face Local Roman Communities

• We are creating lasting communities where the Roman virtues and culture can be made manifest.

• We are establishing chapters (provinces) of the Roman Republic throughout the world. If there isn’t one in your region, we will help you found it!

• Our goal is to use the online medium to drive the formation of offline regional communities of Romans.

Resources & International Network for the Religio Romana

• We are committed to the historically mindful restoration of the ancient Roman Religion (Cultus Deorum Romanorum / Religio Romana) for the modern day.

• We have partnered with the Academia Minvervalis to provide instruction on this beautiful tradition.

• We provide a community to share in these traditions across the world online and locally face-to-face.

International Roman Online Community

• The Roman Republic has its own social network populated by citizen-members. 

• We also have several active forums where in-depth discussion and sharing of resources on Roman topics occurs.

• Our blogging system allows every citizen-member to maintain a personal website to share with the world.

Allied Organizations for Specific Roman Topics

• The Roman Republic sponsors several associations (collegia) which are dedicated to specific topics such as Latin, Reenactment, Roman History, etc. Any citizen-member can join these associations and participate or lead the activities of the group.

• Citizen-members which donate to the Roman Republic are able to found their own private groups (societas) to collaborate with friends and associates on personal projects.

Opportunities for Leadership & Volunteering

• The Roman Republic serves as a hub for an international community of Romans and associated groups. In this capacity, we have countless volunteer opportunities for our citizen-members.

• The leadership of our organization is modelled upon the ancient republican model. Leadership positions are elected, and voting is weighted towards those who participate in our community. 

Groups Affiliated with the Roman Republic

Collegium Latinum

Share a love for Latin

Collegium Militare

Building an international Roman reenactment community

Delve into ancient philosophy

A worldwide community for the Religio Romana / Cultus Deorum

Celebrating Roman culture to live its best parts

An online school teaching all things Roman.

Recent Activity within the Respublica

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