Apply to govern and lead province/chapter

Why govern and lead a province/chapter of the Roman Republic?

  • There is no better way to meet other Romans who desire to live Romanitas then to organize your province. Provinces are where face-to-face meetups and events occur!
  • It is an excellent way to develop leadership skills within the Roman Republic prior to seeking roles at the international level within the Respublica.
  • It is a means of developing and strengthening a community of like-minded people who love Romanitas close to your home.
  • The provinces are the lifeblood of the Roman Republic. We cannot achieve our aims stated in the Declaration without building regional communities. Leaders of our provinces are at the frontlines of developing these regional communities.
  • Governors who fulfil their responsibilities can be rewarded denarii annually.

What is expected of governors of provinces/chapters?


  • Governors of provinces/chapters act as regional representatives of the Roman Republic. They are the leaders of regional chapters of the Roman Republic which are assigned to a particular geographic area – usually a sub-sovereign state within a country or a country or rarely a group of countries.
  • Governors are to assist in recruiting citizen-members from their local area.
  • Governors are to report to the Senate and Magistrates on concerns or news from their province/region.
  • Governors are expected to welcome and help orient new citizen-members who are assigned to their province.
  • Governors are expected to organize at a minimum one annual regional event. This event is to provide for face-to-face meetings and online participation for the citizen-members within their province.
  • Governors are to publish an annual report to the Senate outlining their activities and the important issues existing in their province.


  • One must be a citizen-member of the Roman Republic who has paid their annual dues/tax for the current year and in good status (optimo iure).
  • Should feel comfortable reaching out to other citizens and be a motivational figure.
  • Need to give at least a one-year commitment and be regularly in contact with the magistrates and the Senate.
  • Terms for governors are reevaluated/renewed every June by the Senate.
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