Comitia Curiata Session XV called to order September 22-October 3

A meeting of the Comitia Curiata (Directors of the Non-Profit Organization) is formally called. This meeting is to begin September 22 and end October 3.

All Lictores are asked to join. The meeting shall occur here:

A live video conference may be scheduled as part of this meeting. Lictores will be messaged privately as to the details of such a portion of the meeting.

The meeting shall be chaired by Lictor P. Iunius Brutus. Auspices shall be taken by him.

Discussion shall run from September 22 to 28.

Voting shall run from September 29 – October 3

The agenda is the following;

I. To determine if EDICTUM CURIATORUM: SPECIAL MAGISTERIAL CONDITIONS FOR MMDCCLXXIII A.U.C. is to be renewed or edited in anticipation of the annual elections for Sex. Decio Q. Furio cos. (2020).

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