Comitia Tributa Session IX called to order October 28-November 22

Your attention! The first session of the Comitia Tributa in over two years is called to order! May there never again be such a lengthy period without the tribal assembly meeting. I shall be the attending magistrate of this meeting in my office as Consul.

The Session IX of the Comitia Tributa is to be called to order on Oct 28, 2020.

An Augur recognized by the Res Publica will take the Auspices.

The location of this meeting will be online in the Main Forum located here:

The FIRST order of business

To elect the following magistrates to serve a one year term for 2021:


Duties of the quaestores are listed in LEX CURIATORUM: On the Quaestores

In short, the QUAESTORES are responsible for the following:

  1. They will serve a term lasting one year starting and ending December 6th at 00:00 CET
  2. To assist any elected magistrate in their daily duties
  3.  To monitor all transactions consisting of denarii
  4. Responsible for assisting the Aranearius (webmaster) in the maintenance of the official res publica website
  5. To assist in the development of regional chapters (provinces) as required by the senate and regional administrators (governors)
  6. To assisting promoting the Roman Republic and the recruitment of new citizens
  7. To assist in administering elections within the Roman Republic on an as needed basis.
  8.  A quaestor may veto the actions of their quaestorial colleagues


Duties of the Plebeian Aedile are listed in LEX CURIATORUM: On the Curule Aedile

In short, the Curule Aedile is responsible for the following:

  1. They will serve a term lasting one year starting and ending January 1st at 00:01 CET
  2. To organize the festivals online and offline of the ludi Rei Publicae, ludi Romani, ludi Megalenses
  3. To assist the praetor urbanus in organizing the festival online and offline of the Ludi Apollinares
  4. To assist the consuls in organizing the Feriae Latinae festival
  5. To publish edicts as determined by law and on issues dealing with trade of denarii
  6. Responsible for assisting the Aranearius (webmaster) in the maintenance of the official res publica website
  7. To investigate and mediate complaints which are commercial in nature involving:
    i. Trade of denarii between:
    1. Only private citizens
    2. At least one collegium
    3. At least one elected magistrate with imperium
    4. Cases referred from a plebeian aedile
    5. Any commercial case involving one of the current plebeian aediles
  8. To monitor the trade of denarii within the res publica
  9. To help maintain the online public records the res publica
  10. The powers and responsibilities of the plebeian aediles may be assumed if the Aediles agree to the exchange of duties
    or the plebeian aediles are unreachable
  11. A curule aedile may veto the actions of their colleague and any of the following junior ranked elected magistrates:
    a. Plebeian Aedile, Quaestor

The SECOND order of business

The ratification of Lex Terentia: On the Collegium Pontificum its role and operations towards establishing Pax Deorum

This lex was preliminarily approved by the Senate during session XIV in September and now goes before the civitas for their consent into law. To view the debate in the Senate on this most important proposal please read this.

The Communitas Religiosa Romana also discussed this proposal here and here.

The meeting will start on Oct 28, 2020. Candidates will be asked to present themselves from this time and until Nov 10, 2020. During this period Lex Terentia is also to be formally discussed. Voting is scheduled to begin Nov 10 and ends Nov 22, 2020.

For citizens interested in serving as magistrates: Please remember this is the second of three elections that will occur between now and January. The Comitia Centuriata will be called to elect Censores, Consules and Praetores. DO NOT YET ANNOUNCE YOUR CANDIDACY. Please announce your candidacy between Oct 28-Nov 10 after the meeting opens (assuming auspices are favorable for these dates)

To be eligible to run for any office in the Roman Republic you must be a tax-paying citizen. Please pay your dues here, if you have not done so for this year.
Please view your citizenship profile if this is in doubt.

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