Current policies regulating the Senate

The following policies are active and determine how senatores are selected, removed, and take leave. It also determines how the Senate meetings are conducted and order maintained.

The Senate (Advisory Committee of the Roman Republic Cultural Group Inc.) is created under the bylaws of the Roman Republic. The current version of the bylaws states:

Standing Committees – These committees have the ability to ratify standing operating procedures and nominate members to be officers of the Corporation. The rules governing these committees are defined in the bylaws and standing operating procedures. Membership to these committees is determined by the secretaries (Censores) or by rules outlined in standing operating procedures. If no secretary (Censor) is available, then the board may populate committees as required. Only Class: Citizen Lictor Curiatus members and Class: citizen members may participate in a standing committee. There are to be four standing committees of the Corporation:

  1. Advisory Committee (Senate)
  2. Century Committee (Comitia Centuriata)
  3. Tribal Committee (Comitia Tributa)
  4. Plebeian Committee (Concilium Plebis)

The bylaws state that any standing operating procedure (lex) voted upon by any other standing committee (with an exception of the Concilium Plebis) of the non-profit corporation must first be ratified by a vote of the advisory committee (Senate).

Further, the bylaws state that membership to this committee is made up of only individuals who are members (citizens) of the Roman Republic and hold at least one of the following roles: (1) Elected officer (magistrate) of the Roman Republic, (2) Appointed to the committee by a secretary (censor). Those who are appointed by the censores have both speaking and voting privileges on this committee. Those who only are elected officers but not appointed by the censores only have speaking privileges but not voting privileges on this committee.

Further details on the operation of the Senate are outlined in the Standing Operating Procedures of the Roman Republic. The current relevant operating procedures are outlined below:

LEX CURIATORUM: On the selection of new senators (Version II)
LEX CURIATORUM: On the removal of senators from the senate (Version II)
LEX CURIATORUM: On the size of the senate (Version II)
LEX CURIATORUM: On magisterial status (temporary non-voting membership) within the senate
LEX CURIATORUM: On contempt for the Senate
LEX CURIATORUM: On the Princeps Senatus
LEX CURIATORUM: On the protocol for meetings of the Senate
LEX CURIATORUM: On the assignment of proxy votes in the senate
LEX CURIATORUM: On senators taking a leave of absence from the senate (Liberia Legatio)
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