I. This ordinance supersedes or modifies the following until December 31, 2020;

  1. LEX CURIATORUM: On the Praetor 
  2. LEX CURIATORUM: On the Consul
  3. LEX CURIATORUM: On the election procedure involving Rogatores and Custodes
  4. LEX IUNIA-AURELIA: Establishment of awards for outstanding private and public citizens
  5. LEX CURIATORUM: Special projects for promagistrates

II. All duties of the secretary (Censor) are transferred to the manager (Consul) of the Roman Republic.

III. All duties of the activity coordinators (Curule Aedile and Plebeian Aedile) are transferred to the associate managers (Praetores) of the Roman Republic.

  1. The Praetor Urbanus shall assume the roles of the Curule Aediles.
  2. The Praetor Peregrinus is to assume the roles of the Plebeian Aedile.
  3. The roles may be shared as agreed upon by both Praetores or as directed by the Consuls.

IV. No Censor, Aedile or Quaestor is to be elected unless a majority vote of the Senate passes a mandate to do so.

  1. The Senate may decide to elect up to a maximum of: 2 Curule Aediles, 2 Plebeian Aediles, 4 Quaestors.

If these offices are elected, the responsibilities of each office are transferred back to the magisterial positions reactivated. Standard protocols outlined in establish lex are to be resumed for that office.

V. Two Consuls, Praetors, and Plebeian Tribunes are to be elected and serve the remainder of the regular 2020 annual term.

VI. The Princeps Senatus is to call and chair meetings of the Comitia Centuriata and Concilium Plebis before June 5, 2020, at the latest.

  1. Alternatively, Princeps Senatus may appoint a citizen in good standing to chair these meetings.
  2. The appointed chair or Princeps Senatus must not be a candidate in any election held under the meeting they lead.
  3. These two meetings may run concurrently upon the discretion of the Princeps Senatus; however, both meetings must be called, have auspices, have ballots, and be closed separately. Both sessions are to be run as separate assemblies in all other respects.
  4. The Princeps Senatus is to appoint two Custodes to assist the meeting chair counting ballots. These Custodes may not be candidates in any election held during these assemblies.

VII. The awards committee is to meet before November 1, 2020, to determine if any citizen is eligible for nomination to the Senate for an award.

  1. The awards committee may only consist of the Princeps Senatus (as chair) and the Tribunes serving for 2020 if no Quaestors are in office.

VIII. Denarii stipends will match the title of the office held. Allowances for only a single office shall be considered even if the magistrate carried out tasks of multiple offices.

IX. All former Tribunes with Consular Authority elected for 2019. along with all prior Consules and Praetores are to be offered Promagistrate special projects as per LEX CURIATORUM: Special projects for promagistrates. These promagistrate roles are to be focused upon working on one or more of three committees implementing reforms. These committees are to be (I) Reform of operating procedures (lex) committee, (II) developing training program committee, and (III) promoting the Roman Republic committee. All projects organized by these committees and promagistrates must be completed before January 1, 2021.

  1. A Promagisterial project is not to be granted if holding an elected magisterial office in 2020.

X. The actions of all Tribunes with Consular authority are deemed valid if performed before June 1st or until imperium is invested in new magistrates to serve the remainder of 2020, whichever occurs first.

XI. All candidates who stand for election in the assemblies governed by this edict must have a tax status of V or lower before being placed on the ballot.

XII. This edict comes immediately into effect and may only be repealed by a majority vote of the Comitia Curiata. This edict expires on December 31, 2020.

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