Edictum Praetoricium: Appointment of Tribuna Laticlavia Flavia Philippa

I hereby appoint citizen, Flavia Philippa, as my praetorial assistant, to be known by the office of Tribunus Laticlavius, as described in LEX CURIATORUM: On Appointment and Removal of Magisterial Staff.

They shall be chiefly responsible for helping organize the promotion of the Roman Republic around the world with the aim to attract new citizens.

They shall report all of their activities to myself on a monthly basis and discuss new initiatives with myself and my consular and praetorial colleagues. 

This edict is effective immediately as of VI Kal. Sext. Sex. Decimo Q. Furio Cos. (July 27, 2020). It shall remain in effect until the term of Praetor Ti. Terentius Varro ends or until dismissed by this magistrate.

Ti. Terentius Varro

Praetor – Sex. Decio Q. Furio Cos.

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