Edictum Praetoricium: Organized Gentes

Henceforth the Gentes within the Res Publica shall be officially organized into groups using the websites official groups. Starting now, each citizen will speak with their fellow citizens who share their nomen and will elect a Pater to create their Gens group. The following are major changes to the system and their reasoning.

I. All citizens of the same nomen must now select a Pater to create a Gens group for their nomen. This is to give new members an immediate group of citizens they can join and bond with for guidance and support.

II. Paters will be selected by citizens of the same nomen. Any citizen may make the Gens group so long as it has not already been created. If the creator is voted out by citizens of that Gens/nomen then they will be replaced but not removed. Double Gens groups will also be removed.

III. Gentes shall be overseen by Praetor A. Iulius Caesar until the end of his term, at which point this edict will expire and should this system continue a new overseer shall be selected by the Senate and ratified by the CC.

IV. Any lex that stated a decision that involves Gens/nomen should be handled by a person within that nomen with the lowest citizen ID will now be temporarily modified to be the Pater of the Gens.

V. Nomen shall be defined as the clan or group within the Res Publica for all and any to take and join. Similar to how many can have the same English last name like Smith, but not be related. Nomen + cognomen will usually indicate real blood ties. This is not the case for all nomen + cognomen, as my nomen + cognomen, Iulius Caesar is a more famous combination. This is still permitted but less advisable.

The first official Gens and example Gens is thus: Gens Iulia

The full list off official Gentes can be found here: Official Gentes

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