Lex Iulia: Establishing an Official Volunteer Committee


Defining the volunteer committee

  1. This committee shall be known as the Comitia Voluntarii.
  2. The Comitia Voluntarii is a committee within the Republic designed and ran for the purpose of completing local volunteer work in the name and image of the Republic.
  3. This committee will oversee and direct the actions of all citizens who wish to volunteer under the name of the Republic.
  4. The committee will be made up of seven members. Five volunteers and two overseeing magistrate.
    1. The five volunteers will be selected by the committee internally to serve a six month term.
    2. The two overseeing magistrate will be either two Quaestor Classici or with the absence of this position, the lowest elected magistrate. The lowest elected magistrate will be defined as the magistrate lowest on the list for Senatorial candidacy.
    3. The volunteers on the committee can be removed by a majority vote of the other committee members.
  5. The volunteer committee will select incentives for volunteer work, things like forum badges, denarii, and free volunteer merchandise.
    1. Denarii allowance will be fulfilled from the Quaestors or the lowest magistrates allotted denarii.
    2. Should the required denarii go over what is allotted by the Senate, any denarii owed must come from personal denarii of the committee as a whole.
    3. Should a shortage of denarii become a problem due to increased volunteer activity, the Senate may vote to increase the allotted denarii.
  6. This committee, in accordance with the bylaws of the Republic, will be a temporary committee following the procedures put in-place.

Rescinding or Amending this Lex: 

  1. Requires a simple majority support of the Senate, majority support of the Comitia Tributa.
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