Mos Maiorum / Customary Standing Operating Procedures of the Roman Republic

The ultimate governing document of the Roman Republic is the Bylaws of the RRCG Inc. and Declaration of the Roman Republic. Lex (standing operating procedures) elaborate and clarify the Bylaws and Declaration on a permanent basis and are created by ratification by both the Senate and ratification by all citizen-members through one of two assemblies, the Comitia Centuriata or Comitia Tributa.

Customary Operating Procedures (Mos Maiorum) are a special category of standing operating procedure separate from Lex. They differ in that all Mos Maiorum must start as an edictum or senatus consultum (temporary operating procedures) issued by a magistrate or the Senate. Certain edicts may become custom if they are continually renewed. For an edictum or senatus consultum to become Mos Maiorum two censores must agree to propose that the procedure become Mos Maiorum. Then the Comitia Curiata must ratify the change.

In ancient Rome the Mos Maiorum was an unwritten but popularly understood code social norms. In the modern Respublica we have decided to codify parts of the Mos Maiorum as our social norms are not defined or popularly understood. Our hope is that this process helps catalyze a new mos maiorum forming and being popularly understood.

Name Proposed by Censores Date Ratified by Comitia Curiata Description 
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