New Citizen's Guide (About Denarii)

The Roman Republic quantifies participation in our community through the awarding denarii.

In some ways denarii is like a currency. In important ways, it is very different from currency. Ultimately, denarii does not have monetary value, it cannot be exchanged for American Dollars etc. In this respect, it is better to think of denarii as a measure of honour accumulated by helping build the modern Roman Republic. Like currency, denarii can also be traded with those citizens who volunteer to assist you with your interests and projects.

During periods of antiquity, one denarius was made up of ten asses (also called assarii). Therefore a single as (assarius) has a value of 0.1 denarius. The Roman Republic has the ability to process 0.01 denarius or 0.1 as. Like in antiquity, a denarius is represented by the symbol 𐆖.Β  An as is represented by the symbol π†š.

Denarius is automatically awarded for doing many things. For example:

Action 𐆖 Granted / Subtracted
Paying annual membership dues/tax dependent on donation class
Additional donations to the Roman Republic 𐆖1.00 / $0.25 USD
Adding an original article to the bibliotheca (wiki) 𐆖1.00
Editing an article in the bibliotheca (wiki) 𐆖0.25
Original article deleted from bibliotheca (wiki) by a magistrate – 𐆖1.00
Edits to an article in the bibliotheca (wiki) are rejected by a magistrate – 𐆖0.25
Logging into the Roman Republic 𐆖0.05 / day
Publishing a private blog article 𐆖1.00-2.00 / week
Publishing a private photo in a private gallery 𐆖1.00-2.00 / week
posting a comment on their own or another citizen’s profile wall 𐆖0.25-1.00 / day
Referring new citizens to the Roman RepublicΒ  𐆖1.5-4.5 / month
Creating new topics in the fourms 𐆖0.25-0.75 / day
Responding to topics in the forums 𐆖0.25-2.00 / day
Deletion of any message in the forum by a magistrate – 𐆖0.25
Posting a photo in a citizenship profile 𐆖1.00 / month
Posting a cover photo in citizenship profile 𐆖0.50 / month
New friendships between citizens 𐆖0.05 / friend
Terminating friendships between citizens – 𐆖0.05 / friend
Joining any group (collegium, societas, gens association, province association etc.) 𐆖1.00-4.00 / month
Leaving any group (collegium, societas, gens association, province association etc.) – 𐆖1.00
Serving as a provincial governor or elected magistrate in the Roman Republic

𐆖 0.00-800.00 / year

based on performance

Participating in ludi games

depends on event

Attending live face-to-face event

depends on event

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of possible denarii rewards

What are denarii used for?

Denarii are used for three primary purposes.Β 

I. Determining the weight of one’s vote in the Comitia Centuriata

II. Being used to reward and motivate members towards projects and initiatives both public and private. (eg. rewarding a citizen for providing advice, resources, teaching, developing a web site, answering question, etc.)

III. May be used to offer discounts in a future Roman Republic store. (not yet implemented)

How do I know how much denarii I have?

Your denarii balance and a record of all transactions are displayed on your citizen profile. See the image below.

How do I give denarii to another citizen?

Go to this page. Enter the fill roman name of the recipient of the denarii and then enter the amount to be given. Then click β€œsend denarii”. This transaction should then be recorded on your β€œMy Denarii Transactions” page located on your citizen profile.

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