Prayer to Disciplina

Oh Disciplina! With what future woes shall I be cursed when thou shalt no longer be present to my eyes?

O, happy they, who may with thee be associated!

To all who toil thy clemency extend,

Oh, Goddess of discipline and virtue teach me to deserve thy Grace.

Let every action henceforth speak, teach me

to act from principle alone,

let each pursuit, each slumbering thought

be the foundation of my actions henceforth,

that I may deserve thy Grace,

and my actions be just,

and my words be righteous,

and my actions be wise,

and my words judicious,

and my actions be prudent,

and my words balanced,

and my words secure,

and my words certain,

and my actions sure,

and my actions complete,

and so justify thy Grace,

on all I do,

on all I say,

on all I think,

on all I live,

on weeks and months and years,

for so you will it.

Disciplina, as you have assisted me in years past,

as you have counselled me,

Disciplina, as you have inspired me in the past,

Disciplina, as you have revealed my true self to me,

Disciplina, as you have led me to action,

Disciplina, as you have calmed me in difficult times,

Now hear my petition made to you now,

Make it so if you so will it!

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