Results of elections (Session IX Concilium Plebis)


Here are the election results:


Quintus Galerius Iulianus – 13 Tribes in support (ELECTED)

Appia Claudia Hemina – 12 Tribes in support (ELECTED)



Paullus Aemilius Gallus – 13 Tribes in support (ELECTED)

Numerius Volumnius Iustus – 2 Tribes in support

Message from assembly presiding magistrate Tribune, Sp. Gallonius Catulus:

I confirm my agreement with the results as reported by Rogatore, Servia Curia!

In making this report, I also recognize this is likely my last act as Plebeian Tribune. My term ends on December 10. I have enjoyed serving our civitas and our plebeian order more than I expected. The Roman Republic is truly special. Today it is like embers upon kindling. It requires care and encouragement, but within these hot coals is mighty potential that dwarfs us all. I hope Tribunes-elect Q. Galerius and Ap. Claudia and Aedile-elect Paul. Aemilius find success in tending to the young and growing flames of the plebeians of Rome!

Congratulations to you all!

To candidate N. Volumnius, I do hope you stand again as a candidate for Quaestor. I am told we will be electing two more early in the new year. Your enthusiasm and desire to serve our Respublica is needed. It would be a darn shame to lose your talent. Please consider!

The Concilium Plebis is dismissed. Gloria in plebe!


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