Sacerdotes Recognized by the Roman Republic

About Modern Sacerdotes

Within the Cultus Deorum Romanorum, every senior member of a household is a priest within their own family. The Sacerdotes of the Res Publica represent priests dedicated to specific deities which do not have a flamen priest within the Collegium Pontificum. These priests help lead the traditions and rites to a particular diety within the Sacra Publica (public religion). They are to help develop and restore these ancient cults, provide education, mentorship, and perform rites on behalf of the Roman Republic community, and to keep the community abreast about their public activities within their responsibility.

There is no limit on the number of Sacerdotes to a particular deity. Additional deities not listed here may be officially recognized with a Sacerdos if approved by the Collegium Pontificum. All citizens listed as Sacerdotes are approved and coordinated by the Collegium Pontificum.

Sacerdotes from around the world gather online to discuss matters pertaining to the Cultus Deorum at the Communitas Religiosa Romana Sacerdotes forum.

Apollinis Sacerdotes (Apollo)

Cereris Sacerdotes (Ceres)


Martii Sacerdotes (Mars)


Minervae Sacerdotes (Minerva)


Silvani Sacerdotes (Silvanus)


Triviae Sacerdotes (Triva)

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