Senatus Consultum – Development of the Mercatus


Temporary Operating Protocol

  1. The Senate hereby authorizes the development of an online market place, to be known as the “Mercatus” loosely modeled after The Mercatus shall have the following features:
    1. The ability for any Roman Republic citizen who has paid their annual tax to sell goods through the Mercatus by becoming a vendor.
    2. The ability for citizens and non-citizens to buy goods from the Mercatus
    3. The ability to outsource shipping of goods to the vendors, including expenses, and to confirm shipping details with the vendor.
    4. To hold funds within a separate mercatus bank account until receipt of goods is confirmed. Then to release funds to vendors once confirmation of goods sent is verified.
    5. To allow products and vendors to be rated by buyers
    6. The ability to issue coupon codes
    7. The ability for the Roman Republic to take a % commission on sales made through the Mercatus
    8. The ability to set automatic listing fees for products sold by vendors
    9. The ability for vendors to buy ads for their listings
    10. To offset taxes for goods sold onto vendors
    11. To have the web address
    12. To have an automated dispute resolution system
  2. This project is to be led by the Consuls and Aranearii
  3. This authorizes a ”marketplace committee” to be formed to formulate a business plan with market research for implementing a marketplace where any citizen may be a vendor.
    1. This committee is to present a report to the Senate before October 1st. 
    2. This business plan is to be ratified by the Senate and Comitia Curiata together with a required budget. After this ratification construction of the marketplace is to immediately begin.
  4. The targeted launch date of the mercatus is to be Febuary 2022.
  5. This Senatus Consultum comes into effect immediately. This Senatus Consultum expires January 1, 2022 unless renewed or repealed by the Senate.
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