Senatus Consultum – Establishing magisterial budgets for the remainder of Sex. Decio Q. Furio Cos. (2020)


Temporary Operating Procedure

  1. The following denarii will be budgeted to the following magistrates from the Aerarium Populi Romani – Roman Republic Treasury:
    1. Consuls = 1500 denarii
    2. Praetors = 1500 denarii
    3. Tribunes = 500 denarii
    4. For all Ludi = 500 denarii
  2. All denarii to be granted for work related to the offices described in 1 shall be paid out according to this budget.
    1. Any magistrate exceeding this amount will need to cover additional denarii expenses privately.
  3. Magistrates are to submit to the senate forum publicly all expenses. Such submissions are to state:
    1. Roman name of the recipient 
    2. Reason for payment
    3. Amount of denarii to be transferred to the citizen from the Aerarium Populi Romani.
  4. Consuls are responsible for transferring denarii funds and tracking total expenses in each category listed in part 1.
  5. No funds may be transferred to the private account of an elected magistrate from the budgeted allotments stated in part 1. 
  6. The is Senatus Consultum comes into effect immediately once ratified and expires January 1st, 2021. It may only be amended by the Senate.

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