Senatus Consultum / Temporary Operating Procedures of the Roman Republic

The ultimate governing document of the Roman Republic is the Bylaws of the RRCG Inc. and Declaration of the Roman Republic. Lex (standing operating procedures) elaborate and clarify the Bylaws and Declaration on a permanent basis and are created by ratification by both the Senate and ratification by all citizen-members through one of two assemblies, the Comitia Centuriata or Comitia Tributa.

Temporary operating procedures (Edictum) are issued by elected magistrates directly or by the Senate and in that case, are called Senatus Consultum. All temporary operating procedures serve to clarify business not outlined in the bylaws or in lex. Temporary operating procedures cannot overrule the bylaws or lex.

All Edictum / Senatus Consultum automatically expire. Edictum issued by magistrate expire upon the end of the elected term of that magistrate. Senatus Consultum expires on January 1, unless renewed by the Senate.


Name Date Passed by Senate Description 
Senatus Consultum – Development of the Mercatus Session XIII – Aug 7, 2020  Sets up a working group to explore establishing a market place for the Roman Republic
Senatus Consultum – Establishment of Collegia and Provincial Activity Rewards Session XIII – Aug 7, 2020 Enacts awards to be granted to provinces and collegia for activity over the course of each month of the calendar.
Senatus Consultum – Establishing magisterial budgets for the remainder of Sex. Decio Q. Furio Cos. (2020) Session XIII – Aug 7, 2020 Sets out Roman Republic denarii budgets for each elected magistrate. Denarii funds are to be drawn from the treasury of the Senate.
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