The IV Steps of Living the Virtues - Book I: Stop Being Dishonest


This first book of this four-book series will dive into the basic fundamentals that are required in order to live by the virtues and to live as a modern Roman today. We will explore one principle in each book. If you are to implement the principles outlined in this book series it will be an emotionally hard experience. But you will be stronger and better for it. You will see opportunities open in your life that you could not possibly imagine beforehand. And most of all you will have the satisfaction of living by the way of our ancestors, the Romans. Through living by the principles described in this book, you will open up the door to living through all the virtues. In doing so, you emulate the virtues of the gods and live the best version of yourself. 

Shifting your perspective is one of the hardest things to do in life. However, if you want to live as a true Roman, it is absolutely required. A man’s mind lacks the capacity to solve problems with the same mindset that created the original problem. Not shifting your mindset requires you to lie to yourself. Are you the best you can be? Can you not have more? Are you really living as a Roman already? How, by intuition? Most people who answer these questions are lying. But do not be too hard on yourself. The unfortunate reality in today’s society is that most people lie. It is absolutely normal. But its consequences are absolutely disastrous. We live in a society that does not value honor. We live in a society today that puts guilt and shame before all else. Guilt and shame regulates our behavior rather then the concern around violating one’s sacred honor.

So it is not surprising that lies run rampant. Roman brother and sister, you are a liar. Before learning the four steps of living by the virtues, and implementing the principles in daily life, you are a liar. You lie through omission, and you may even lie consciously and purposefully. The result is that you cannot live by the virtues. For to live by the virtues requires honesty first and foremost.

To live in today’s society of guilt and shame requires one to lie. But how does one cope in such a situation? To lie means to live in a fantasy. How do you reinforce the illusion of your fantasy world and continue to lie to yourself? You do it through sedation. You sedate in order to tolerate the modern world which requires you to live in guilt and shame surrounded by illusion. You sedate with television, with porn, with video games, through giving up on your talents, through accepting intolerable things, and so on.

When things do not work out, you naturally fall into the victim and guilt mentality. Often one says to themselves – the world conspired against you, Or I never had a chance, or they did not give me what I was entitled. These things are lies. They excuse personal responsibility and allow one to continue to exist sedated and within their fantasy. The fantasy world constructed by modern society as we know it today.

The result of all this is extraordinary pain and limited potential. Do you feel it? Are you truly a man or woman fulfilling your objective, as the gods intended?

The thing is, your fantasy world created by the lies, and sedation, has cracks. No fantasy is perfect. These cracks become especially apparent when you feel negative emotions. In the darkness of those moments is when the light of reality becomes most apparent. In that light, you will notice the signs of the gods directing you towards a better life. Showing you the way towards the person you could be if you escaped the prison of your lies in sedation, taught to you by the modern norms of today’s society. In these times you may not like the message that you receive, but nevertheless, it is the correct one. 

To notice the signs requires you to be vulnerable and to be vulnerable requires you to stop lying. Now, this is very hard, today’s society promotes lying. You are often punished if you are not politically correct. Society will tell you to ” calm down” or stop “offending”. So in response, you will Be encouraged to lie. But this must end if you want to realize the virtues. Now, this is not mean being offensive, crude, or a brute. This will become more apparent in the next books. But This honesty, and fact-based life, does require you to be grounded inside yourself on the truth of your reality. You need to acknowledge, first in yourself, the truth before you. 

We have not taught the Roman way of living by the virtues for generations. So do not blame your parents or family for not teaching you what I describe in this book. Your family themselves live within the same constructs that have pushed you and everyone alive today towards sedation and perversion of honesty and falling in love with the facts. It took over a decade of reading and research around the writings of our Roman ancestors to grasp between the lines and understand what made the virtues manifest.

The principles I will describe now are the engine that allows one to live by the virtues, regularly, every day, and especially during hard times where darkness will inevitably fall upon you. 

My Roman brother and sister, within the truth, is your liberation. Within this framework, which will allow the virtues to flow from you like a beautiful fountain, lies the solution to the victimhood and guilt rampant today. It also holds the key for unlocking the Roman inside you. This person will be more successful. They will be a better father, a better mother, a better friend, a better son or daughter, they will be a better business partner, they will be a better community member and a better and more productive member of society. The principles described in this book are not complicated, but they will allow you to move beyond the sedate individual that was born out of the fall of Roman culture and become the best version of yourself. It will allow you to be free again as of Roman.

Why you must be honest and factual about everything

The facts determine our framework, which governs our decisions. Dishonesty is denial of facts. Most of this occurs at the subconscious level. If we are not clear about the facts and we are bound to make poor decisions.

Within the facts and truth great revelations are hidden in plain sight. Some of these revelations will come from within you. I like to think of these revelations as originating from the divine spark within yourself. The Romans called this spark of divinity the Genius (Iuno if female). The Christians adopted this idea and called it soul. Your Genius is factual. Your Genius is virtuous. Your mortal flesh is less anchored in facts and virtue. Emotion, sedation, and lies can blow you here and there. However, when you lie and are dishonest, you cannot hear your own divine voice within you. In this situation, you are imprisoning your Genius in lies. This is deeply troubling as your Genius will speak to you and provide you with your own lessons and revelation if you listen, you can hear the voice. 

Further, the gods send all men and women signs. These signs can be obvious or subtle. Yet if you are not acknowledging the facts around you, if you not clear about your reality, you will simply miss the signs. You will live in your fantasy, oblivious to the reality and the divine signs sent before you.

When you lie or are not clear about your facts you will become a slave. You become vulnerable to enslavement by the opinions of others. You do not have your own opinions as your internal framework is based upon fantasy. Thus, you cannot make decisions for yourself. You rely on others to decide for you. Under these conditions, you will feel insecure and ineffective.

Another consequence of not being clear about the facts, and lying, is that one becomes addicted to being right over obtaining their goals. You want to win arguments; you want to be right at the moment. But you forget the long-term goals that you have. In your struggle to be right, you will often find yourself sabotaging your long-term goals. Why do you do this? Because you are not clear about what your long-term goals are. How can you be? You are a liar, your facts are lies, you do not get clear about your reality, so your goals are either fantasy or simply nonexistent.

What happens when you put facts and honesty as your highest priority

If you have mastered putting facts and honesty first, these aspects will drive all your actions. Your internal dialogue will be crystal clear. You will not need to change how you act or who you are to “fit” the circumstances. You will simply be you. You will be Roman. You will be your best self. You will act with virtue.

You will find that you are empowered by your own voice. You will see that your declarations matter. You also find the others respect your voice to a greater degree. You deliver on what you say you will do. You are consistent in how you operate with yourself and with others.

Further, you will find that you are committed to your vision. You’re not swayed by discouraging words, or naysayers. You will trust your factual reality. You will be deliberate in your actions and you will be okay with others simply continuing to live in their own realities lost in shame, guilt, sedation and lies. 

Lastly, as you become more clear about the facts and being honest with yourself and others at all times you will begin to think longer term. You will care less about being right. Instead, you will be very clear about what your goals are. So instead of wanting to be correct, you will care more about achieving your long-term objectives. Your ego will come second. Your honor and achieving your objectives will be put first.

The principles behind being clear on the facts and being honest

The virtues are expressed only through being clear with the facts and being honest with yourself and others. Therefore, if you live in this manner, your internal values will determine what you do. How you view other people’s moral framework will not matter. You will be confident and reassured that your framework leads you towards virtue, honor and success.

However. To achieve such confidence in your moral framework will require you to deeply investigate your current driving morality. It will require you to hear the voice of your Genius. It will require you to be clear on the facts and to notice the signs from the gods. You will need to listen and watch for the gods. Such listening and watching, the noticing of divine signs from your Genius and your gods, should become part of your guiding compass in life.

You must stop focusing on judgments of other people. You will need to stop trying to change others. Instead, focus on changing yourself. Through changing yourself and living by the virtues made manifest through your honesty and facts, you will change yourself. Through changing yourself, you will change your family. Through changing your family, you will change your community. Through changing your community, you can change the world.

As you become more honest and factual, you will find that you become the most powerful person in the room. You are Roman. You deliver. You live by the virtues. Liars always fear being found out. But you will have no fear. You have nothing to hide. You are who you are and everyone knows this. Who you are a man or woman of virtue that delivers their word. You are a man or woman that acts based on facts. Inevitably, such men and women are powerful and successful.

You also find that you will be fine with walking alone. You’ll be comfortable in your own skin will not feel the need to be fake or false in order to attract an entourage around you. Instead, through your clarity, honesty, and fact-based living, you will radiate virtue. Men and women of high quality gravitate to such individuals and you will find that even though you are okay being by yourself, others want to be around you.

You will also find you will become more in touch with your feelings. You will notice that feelings provide the shades within life. That living dishonestly, not acknowledging the facts creates a black-and-white existence. In this black-and-white world, many of the details are lost. Many facts, signs, and revelations are lost. As you become more in touch with your feelings, through the facts, you will begin to find that many of your actions change and become more deliberate. However, I will explain this aspect more in the next book… 

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