I am justly proud to introduce myself as Septimus Geminius Canus. I’ve taken this name for mostly practical reasons. Septimus as it has been postulated that it could be used to name a child born in the 7th month of the year, being born in July this felt fitting. Canus, being that I am quite noticably Blonde. So much so that in my teens as my facial hair began to grow, others felt the need to tell me that they couldn’t see it from a distance. As for Geminius, I’ve got nothing. Research afforded little information towards this Nomen. I felt this was appropriate. Being fresh and new, a clean slate seemed fitting. Now that I’ve explained the conventions of my naming, I’ll offer a brief summary of myself. I’ve worked several years in the Security industry, with a brief military career, which I mention only as a footnote as it isn’t truly worth mentioning. I have spent my life almost entirely in the Southern United States. My fascination with Roman culture began early watching movies and documentaries with my father. I found deep interest in Roman militarism as well as their religious practices. While still in school I had intended to go into the medical field, but lack of scholarships and money led me to join the US Army at 17, though it was short lived do to injury (non combat), I enjoyed my time. Afterward I’ve spent my time in security as previously mentioned. At this moment in time due to obvious current events, my hobbies reside mostly in the home, reading, enjoying movies and playing online with friends. If you were to ask any that know me personally, they would tell you I’m usually the first to laugh, and I have an endless supply of stories that are far too rediculus for me to make up. I look forward to this journey with everyone here, I am also happy to serve. If there are any needs that I can meet here, I would be glad to do so, so long as I am capable. Feel free to ask any questions, I’m an open book.

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