Collegia (Interest Groups)

Group for Ancient Roman Religion

This community is dedicated to the ancient Roman Religion, the Cultus Deorum Romanorum. Here all cults within the ancient Roman Empire are explored. The goal of this group is to share knowledge and teach the ancient traditions of the Cultus Deorum Romanorum. This community strives to translate this knowledge into a living religious tradition consistent with the Declaration of the Cultus Deorum.

Group for Ancient Roman Culture & History

This collegium is dedicated to the promotion and study of all aspects of ancient Roman culture. From literature, art, architecture, history, archaeology, and affairs of daily life in antiquity. This group is also about restoring and living the best of Roman culture today! This group covers all these topics and more. This group is administered by its Concilium Magistrorum of between two and five members.

Group for Roman Republic Local Chapter (Province) Development

This group is dedicated to developing the regional chapters of the Roman Republic, sharing resources between provinces, and organizing face-to-face events.

Group for Festival Planning, Online Competitions & Celebrations

The Roman Republic community celebrates the ancient Roman festivals known in antiquity as ludi both offline in our local communities and online as a greater Roman community. Part of these online celebrations involves friendly competitions in various games between factions which act as teams. This collegium oversees the coordination and promotion of these factions and also assists in organizing these ludi celebrations. The is a forum where ludi games and associated factions are organized, celebrated and coordinated.

Group for Roman Philosophy

This collegium is dedicated towards the study, promotion and embodiment of ancient philosophy with a particular focus upon ancient Roman philosophers.

Collegium Militare

Group for Roman Reenactment & Military History

This Collegium is devoted to living history and the legacy of the ancient Roman military as it existed from the founding of Rome. This group also promotes the study of the living history of Roman civilians as well. All things reenactment are welcome on this group and we embrace the participation and collaboration of reenactment groups throughout the world. This group is also for non-reenactors interested in studying Roman military history.

Collegium Latinum

Group for the Study and Celebration of the Latin Language

This collegium is dedicated to discussions, learning about and researching the cultural language of Rome – Latin.

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