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A donation towards educating and promoting Romanitas

The Roman Republic is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Romanitas internationally, for free and to all people. By donating you are supporting this vision. In recognition of your generosity as a donor, denarii will be deposited into your account. Just like in antiquity, those with a greater denarii balance are granted greater influence in decision making and direction over the res publica. Donating is one of several ways of being granted denarii. However, donating is arguably one of the most significant ways of keeping our vision alive.

Some of the reasons why your help is needed

  • Our online resources are not free to develop and maintain. Funds raised are vital to keeping the Roman Republic online and reliably accessible.
  • The Roman Republic is dedicated to an academic approach towards reconstructionism. This requires careful research needing access to resources, mainly books and academic databases which are sadly not free.
  • An essential aspect of developing a nation of Romans is to have in-person meetings and events, donations help facilitate face-to-face events by helping to minimize organizational expenses.
  • The Roman Republic believes in the value of the printed text. We strive to publish resources which can aid in the propagation of Romanitas, yet printing has associated costs which donations help to minimize.
  • Offline infrastructure is a long term goal. Donations of today can help build the physical buildings and gathering spots for the Romans of tomorrow.
  • Donations help us develop new cultural projects on all topics related to Romanitas, from language, philosophy, literature, religion and much more. Donations help ensure that our freely accessible resources remain free and continue to be developed in the future.
How Denarii is Awarded

Those who contribute to our community and mission are recognized by being awarded Denarii. Presently Denarii is awarded for the following donations.

? 1 Denarius = $ 0.25 USD

All denarii are automatically deposited into your citizen/member account upon payment.

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