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Date(s) - 27/01/2023
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The temple of Castor and Pollux, the Dioscuri, was vowed after they had helped to secure victory at Lake Regillus. It was dedicated in 484 BCE, on this day. Therefore, this was a festival day for this cult, likely connected with the events of Lake Regillus. The Dioscuri were identified with the Dei Penates for the Roman people. Every Roman household has a private cult of its own penates (the spirits that presided over the material stores of a family), those of the old King of Rome were especially regarded by the community and later became known as the Penates Publici or Penates of the Roman Comunity. The Dioscuri are regarded as saviour gods and may be regarded as equivalents to the Penates Publici. They are also patrons of the Roman equestrian order; they also gave help against the dangers of storms at sea.

It is probable that equestrians and magistrates played a leading role in this festival.

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