Ludi / Festivals

Celebrate the Ludi Romani

November 4 - 17, 2020

The Ludi Plebeii were games (ludi) held annually by the ancient Romans in honor of King of the gods Iupiter, and the patron of the Plebeian Order, Ceres.

Like the Ludi Romani, the central point of these games is a Feast to Jupiter on the Ides. It also likely opened with a historical procession similar to that of the Ludi Romani but also involving a sacrifice at the Temple of Ceres on the Aventine hill,  the ceremonial heart of the Plebeians in Rome. Historically the first Circus Games occurred on the 15th. The first nine days (4 – 12) were dedicated to theatre performances and the last three (15 – 17) to races.

This festival always focused upon celebrating the plebeian political liberty and Roman social unity after the conflict of orders 500 BCE to 287 BCE. Over time this festival became a general celebration of Roman citizenship and Roman unity.

The modern Roman Republic has reinstituted these games in the form of a festival celebrated both online and offline. Join us to celebrate the past, present, and tomorrow!

Learn more about this historical Ludi Plebeii here.


Ceremony to honor Iupiter & Ceres

Donate to make a private offering to Iupiter and Ceres

Ceremony to be held on November 17

Virtual Gathering & Meetup

November 8 - 11PM in Moscow (MSK), 8PM in London (GMT), 3PM in New York (EST), 12PM in Los Angeles (PST)

Go here

We will be meeting up for a casual chat on our new Roman Republic discord server.

The gathering will be open to any topic with the focus being upon getting to know your fellow citizen.

All participants shall be recognized by being given 12 denarii.

Join the chat on our server in the General voice channel here:

Visual Art Contest

November 4 - 17

Participate in our visual art contest. The rules are the following.

- The entry must be a drawing, painting, or digital image or photograph which is an original work of the contestant.

- The entry should be Roman-themed and relate to the restoration of Roman culture for our modern world.

- Each entry should include a written statement of no more than 200 words describing the image in relation to the theme.

All entries should be posted to the main forum.

1st Place Prize

Rare original reproduction of an oil lamp. This lamp is handcrafted using the same technology and design used in making such lamps in Roman times. These lamps were the staple lighting within domestic spaces in ancient Rome. Size is 86 x 60 mm.

PLUS 100 Roman Republic Denarii and Ludi Victors badge on citizenship profile

2nd Place Prize

50 Roman Republic Denarii

3rd Place Prize

25 Roman Republic Denarii

Ludi Plebeii Souvenirs

T-shirts, pins, stickers, mugs and more

For a limited time, the Roman Republic is issuing gear depicting the Ludi Plebeii 2020 logo! Celebrate the united civitas of the Roman Republic across the world by proudly displaying the flag of the Republic waving majestically behind a symbolic Roman citizen!